Past lifetime as a homosexual man from European royalty in 17th century Europe

Client saw several past lives with regards to her current life inability to sustain a romantic relationship. She went back to past lives that were of a similar theme. She had regressed to a loveless marriage in US and also a loveless marriage as a Dayak man in Borneo. Then she saw her life as a happy young girl in England who was later murdered before she could get married. Finally, to she regressed to Europe in the 17th century as a homosexual man from European royalty

“I see a man. He reminds me of European royalty. He's wearing a suit. He’s in his thirties. He’s at an age where he should get married. It’s inside a palace. It’s a very big grand palace. There are lots of people. There’s a ball. I can see people coming.”

“This guy is feeling impatient. He can’t wait to get away from all of this. His mother wants to introduce him to society, but he doesn't want to know anybody there, there are no girls that he likes there. He's just waiting for the ball to finish. He felt that it was such a nuisance.”

“He likes guys, there’s someone that he meets up after all this. One of the workers in the palace. He has a good friend, a girl who knows his secret. He's gay.”

“He really likes the guy, he can’t help himself. This boyfriend is really scared that people would find out, but he doesn’t care, and he drinks a lot.”

“The year is 1699. It’s a European country. I get the name Warsaw, Poland.”

“I see him running from the castle. It’s icy cold. He’s running after his lover. He’s so tormented. He just hates who he is. He can’t help himself. He's asking his lover not to go. The lover was running away. He (the lover) is the only thing that he feels is real. Everything else is just a facade. He tries to keep up appearances.”

“However, he was still forced to get married to a girl, to a princess or something. The name of the lady that he was asked to get married sounds like Princess Madga…… ‘Magdalene’. She is not very attractive. He agreed to marry this lady. He knows that his lover and him is not going to go anywhere. So, he agreed to get married to this princess.”

“They are unhappy. She knows his secret. He’s so tormented. I feel so sorry for him. They have three kids - Two boys and a girl. She keeps the kids away from him. He loves his kids. But he is still longing for his lover. But the wife made sure that the lover just disappeared somewhere.”

Next scene:
“He’s on a ship. It’s like a warship. He’s going to war. They are sailing to England. I don’t know if it’s against England or they join forces with England. He's become a good general, a good commander. I think they are going against France.”

“It’s like the war didn’t happen. They had some kind of secret meeting”.

“I see three ships there - from England, France and my ship. All three leaders are talking, trying to come to a resolution. They are at Versailles now. I don’t think a war happened”.

“I can see houses by the cliff. I really like the cliffs.”

“I was happy being on the ship. In Versailles, I could be who I wanted to be. They accepted homosexuals there. I could do what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to go back home.”

“I found a nice boyfriend. I’m with a man, he has dark hair. A little short. I was opened with my homosexuality but he wasn’t. I was just having a good time there and I missed the place.”

End of life:
“I became a military man. I spent most of my life in the military. I was very old. I’m an old man. I did go back to my wife and children, but now that I'm old, close to death, I see them but I'm a stranger to them.”                      

“I had come back from a battle. I was wounded badly. A priest came and said some prayers. He burnt some incense.”

“I died and was buried with my sword. I didn’t have any regrets. I was happy that I met that man that I loved in Versailles. I felt that he was the one that I really loved. I’ve no regrets. I’ve lived my life the way I wanted. It was almost like I was contented when I died.”

Spirit realm:
“I see three older men, they are wearing robes. They have books in front of them. One doesn’t really speak. They sat at a table. Another man has white hair, wearing a brown robe. He's looking at the books. I’m standing in front of them. They are judging me….Telling me what I did wrong and right.”

“They told me, “Listen to your heart”. They said that I did something good and something that was good and something that wasn’t good. There’s one that’s very vocal. He's talking about a book. He said, “Follow the book”.

Me: “What book is that?”

Client: “A book where your destiny is written from it. He said I didn’t follow some of the things I was supposed to. So they have to send me back to learn my lesson again. He's saying go back and learn your lesson.”

Me: “What is the lesson that you needed to learn?”

Client: “That I’m responsible for the consequences of my actions, that I need to go back for learn, it’s like I never learnt the lesson. Through all these lifetimes, I never learnt the consequences of my actions. It’s like I always did the wrong thing.”

“He keeps asking me to go back. He said that in my past lives, I've always caused my family to suffer. I always caused pain to the people. They told me, “You have to get it right this time. They said that I have to create a happy family this time. He said if I don’t get it right this time, he can’t help me. It’s almost like I made this mistake too many times.

“For that life, as a young girl that got killed, they gave me happiness. They gave me the joy of being in a good family, for having a good life. That was the point of that life, to be happy….To experience joy of being with a good family. To know the joy that comes from a happy family. That was the purpose of that life. That lifetime as a Dayak, they wanted me to build responsibility. Each lifetime, was to build something. I needed to learn what sense of responsibility is, and after that to know what joy is.”

“The last lifetime in Europe - that life was complicated. They tell me that I have to find the right balance, and to listen to my heart.”

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