Past life as a Dayak man in Borneo

Client, who earlier regressed to her past life in a loveless marriage in USA, now regressed to another lifetime as a Dayak man in Borneo in her second PLR session. It was also a loveless marriage.

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"The ground is a little muddy. I’m not wearing any shoes. It feels like I have man’s feet. I’m wearing tribal clothes….looks like a short skirt, and I’m wearing a feather head band. I have a spear in my hand."

"I’m male, quite dark skinned in my forties. I have black, straight, shoulder-length hair."

"I’m alone. I can see a river. I can see trees. I’m hunting for food. I usually use the spear to get fishes from the river. I line them up using the spear."

"I walk home. I live in the forest. There’s a village. I see my house, made out of wood."

"I see my wife. I have three boys. My wife is preparing the food inside the house. She smiles at me. They use firewood. The big pots are made out of metal."

"My wife is wearing a cloth, like a sarong but bare shouldered. The three boys are not wearing any clothes, just underwear. They are quite dark-skinned."

Next scene:
"My wife is sick. She caught some illness. She’s really ill.  I think she’s going to die."

Next scene:
"I feel a bit sad, my wife has died. She’s in her thirties. I’m just thinking how to take care of the children. I see a lot of other women villagers sitting down mourning."

Next scene:
"I’m moving on my life, doing chores. The house is on stilts. I’m doing something under the house. I’m cleaning up. I don’t really care about the children. I’m more concerned about finding a new wife as fast as possible."

"I’m getting ready to go to the river to find food. I feel pressure ‘cos now I don’t have a wife, I’m thinking who’s gonna feed the kids and take care of the house."

"I’m on a man-made sampan. I’m paddling in the river. It’s made of a long stick. I’m going to an island. I’m meeting some people there - my late wife’s family. I’m talking to these elders. I told them that my wife has died and that I didn’t know what to do. I went there for advice. They told me to remarry someone else."

"I’m going back to the village, and back to the children. I need to feed them."

Next scene:
"I’m looking for a wife. I’m just sitting outside my house, looking at the girls."

Next scene:
"I got married to an older, fat lady. She has long hair and is big-sized, not very attractive. She’s older than me. I think she might have other children. I chose her. She lived with me. She’s a good cook. She takes care of the house and children. We don’t really talk. It’s a marriage that is just very conventional. She takes care of the house. I bring home the food. There is no love there."

End of life:
"I died of food poisoning. I ate a meal and threw up. I don’t think it was done by my wife. The food was bad. I’m dead but not old. They placed my body on a sampan (boat) and let the sampan go. It is wooden. It’s a bit heavy and there are a lot of carvings at the side of the boat - tribal carvings. It feels like somewhere in Sarawak / Borneo. I’m a Dayak. My body goes to the sea. The sun rots the body. I just go wherever it takes me."

Last thoughts:
"By remarrying somebody who could take care of the kids, I felt that I had fulfilled my responsibility. I feel relieved that somebody else could take care of the kids."

Similarities to other past lives and current life
It wasn't a happy marriage. The marriage was not based on love, but more on convenience. In current life, client found it difficult to sustain a romantic relationship and had a history of several failed relationships. 

Spirit realm
"In the sky there's a bright light from the sky. At first it’s a spot, now it’s big."

"I see a man. He’s in white….. like a police or something. He’s pointing at his watch, as if to say, “OK time to go”. He points to somewhere and tells me to go there. He led me there. It’s very dark. It’s like a cave but inside there’s a dark tunnel."

"I walk. It doesn’t hurt my feet. I feel like walking on earth. I am at the end of the tunnel. I see black gates. I’m a bit scared. There’s a tunnel at the side. I can choose to go to the gates, or the tunnel. I don’t want to go to the gates, I’m scared of it. I go for the other tunnel. It’s different. It’s not so dark."

"I move faster. Like I’m getting younger. I’ve become a baby."

Client went into another lifetime. (To be continued in subsequent post)

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