Past lifetime in England as a happy girl who was later murdered

Client regressed to a lifetime as a young girl in England who was so happy and excited about the thought of getting married. However, her happiness was short-lived as she was murdered by a psychopath who was attracted to her but knew that she wouldn’t love him. She had earlier regressed to her past life in a loveless marriage in US and as a Dayak man in Borneo.

Client watched her past life from a third person point of view, like watching a movie. This is one of the ways that a person views his/her past lives.

“I see a lady. It feels like in England. She is wearing a black hat. She was looking at something.”

“I’m outdoors. It’s a little cold.” (Client can feel the cold temperature)

“I see her walking. She’s quite young. She looks like me in the current life. She has the same face and cheeks. She’s still young, 18 years old. She’s eager to get married. The idea of getting married excites her. She seems like a very happy person.”

“Seems everything is going well for her. She has good friends,… good parents. Nice house that she lived in. Men are interested in her. She’s funny. She laughs a lot.”

“She’s just so pleasant to be with. I can feel the joy in the body. She’s just happy. She’s so optimistic about everything.”

Next scene:
“I see this man looking at her. He’s not a nice man. He wants to do something bad. He did something bad to her.”

“He killed her.”

“He liked her. But he knew she wouldn’t like him. Because he couldn’t have her, he killed her.”

“She had seen him before but she never really talked to him. He was just a face in a crowd. She knew that face. It was one of the faces at the dinner table that she would see. It was at a gathering among friends that was hosted by a group of parents. They did this quite often. He was once of the faces at the dinner table. From afar he would just look at her.”

I asked client to elaborate how she was killed.

“He followed her. She is at an alley. He closed her mouth using his hand and pulled her. At first she was shocked, and asked, “What are you doing?””

Client said, “I blacked out, my clothes are intact. My eyes are open. I am on the ground. I don’t see blood. He beat me. I don’t think he used any weapon. He just used his bare hands. He said, as he was punching me, that I played him with his feelings, he called me something like a dirty ……, he's just bashing me…. Like I was a tease…… Like I teased him.”

“He was just someone I saw. I had not spoken to him before this. I didn’t say anything, I just wanted him to stop. I knew he was going to kill me.”

Me: “Did you have any boyfriend at that time?”

Client: “No, the parents were the ones who had to agree which boy was suited for me. I didn't have anybody in particular.”

Transition to the spirit realm:
“I see the sky. It’s like I’m just saying a prayer, I wanted to get married, how could I die before I got married? That was the thought in my head as I was going to the light.

“I’m floating up to the sky. It was very peaceful, ….just peaceful. I’m going up. Going towards the sky. Straight up.”

Next scene:
“I’m in a room, pacing up and down. It’s like, “How could I die? How could I die?” It’s like I want to go back to earth.”

Me: “How do you look like?”

Client: “I still look like the way I did when I died. That happiness, I felt as a person, I still feel it. The joy never left me. It’s still inside me. It’s like I had so much to give. I can’t die yet. I’m asking to go back, doesn’t matter, just go back.”

Client went to another lifetime in that regression session. Read her next lifetime here

Comment: It is generally not scary to view a past lifetime of traumatic death, as the client is watching it with a higher wisdom and from a third party point of view, like watching a movie. Seeing their past lives gives clients a deeper understanding about the challenges or obstacles faced in the current life. The past lives that she regressed to in connection to her current life inability to sustain a romantic relationship seemed to have a pattern of loveless marriage or in this case, she died before she could get married.

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