Past life as a retired fisherman in Terengganu

This is a written account by my recent PLR workshop participant of her regression experience in a group session.

A group session is different from a private session, because in a group session, the whole group will be guided to view their past lives (like a guided meditation), then record it down in writing when the session is over. In a private session, I can ask questions, give instructions or 'move' my clients forwards or backwards in time to an important event in that lifetime.

I was a dark skin old man, with wrinkled face, hands and feet. My head was full of grey hair and I had grey moustache. I was very skinny and not tall. I saw myself as half naked and wore only a sarong. I was barefooted all the time. I was 80+ years old.

I was a retired fisherman who lived in a wooden hut with my family at the seaside, in Terengganu (A state on the east coast of Malaysia). There were no other houses, only my house at the seaside. I saw a lot of coconut trees beside my house. It was a coconut farm. I was walking at the beach (a very beautiful beach with white sand) under a bright sunshine and was very windy. Just relaxing. It was so windy and I could see my hanging fishing net and coconut trees were swaying side by side when the wind blew, the weather was cooling and comfy. 

I saw that my grandchildren were playing at the beach. On the other side, my wife was dark skinned, plump and short. She was using a knife to cut open a coconut and we drank coconut water because there was no other water supply at that time.

Another scene - I walked up a few steps of wooden staircase to go up to my wooden hut. I was very poor, there was nothing much in the hut. We ate and slept at the same place. It was noon time. My wife had cooked us (my grandchildren and I) fried fish (looks like ‘Ikan Kuning’). We ate only fish, no rice. While was eating, I could see clearly that my wife was my current life's grandmother.

Happy event - It was my son's wedding. We were poor, the wedding had no decoration. Not many people attending my son's wedding. It was a very simple wedding, then my son brought his wife back home.

I died at an old age, I was 87 years old. I had no regrets. I saw my wife was crying beside me with my sons and grandchildren around me. There was no coffin. They put my dead body on either banana leaves or coconut leaves, outside of my house at the beach.

Although I was poor and my life was simple, I lived happily.