A short privileged life as an English boy

Client, in his first PLR session saw 4 lifetimes: 2 lifetimes in China, 1 lifetime in USA and another lifetime as a young English boy.  He regressed easily and provided detailed descriptions. This is the fourth lifetime that he saw in his first session. 
Picture source: http://www.deglehn.com/essex_1.htm

“I’m a young boy, seven years old, playing, running around chasing butterflies. I see people having a picnic. They are my family. I see my mum and dad.”

“I am white skinned. I have blonde hair. I’m running around chasing a ball. Ivan is my name. I’m English.”

“There’s strawberry jam, butter toasts, teas. It’s in an English garden.”

Next scene:
“I fell into a pond. I was trying to get a ball out of the pond, but I fell into the pond. I tried to put my hands up and tried to stay above the water, but I can’t, I’m drowning.”

“They were a bit too far. Nobody noticed me. They can’t hear me. I’m sinking to the bottom of the water. There’s seaweed at the bottom of the water. I tried to call, “Mummy!”, but I couldn’t.”

“My mother looked beautiful. She’s a duchess. She wore Victorian clothes with a tall beautiful hat.”

“I’m sorry I lived such a short life…..only seven years.”

Leaving the body:
“I’m out of my body. I see this beautiful green lawn, like English manors, I see a pond on the side, and the big tree. I see people entertaining drinking tea, very English-like.”

“I’m floating away. They finally realised that I was drowning. They frantically ran to the pond, lifted me up. My body is lifeless, it is all wet. I’m wearing a blue shorts and white top.”

“I felt that if I hadn't drowned, I would have had privileged education. I would have become somebody. I had a lot of potential that wasn’t fulfilled.”

It is a normal occurence for people to find themselves leaving the body after death and ‘hover’ above, looking at the happenings down below. 

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