Past lifetime operating a teahouse in ancient China

Client, in his first PLR session saw 4 lifetimes: 2 lifetimes in China, 1 lifetime in USA and another lifetime as a young English boy.  He regressed easily and provided detailed descriptions. Below is his PLR experience:

Lifetime in China - Operating a teahouse

“I’m in a bamboo forest. There’s lots of green leaves and light going through. There are strong steady bamboos. I’m on soft ground, where you can sit and meditate. I am sitting meditating.”

“I see a hut. Straw hut. Just a bed, table and chair. There’s Chinese pots and cups.”

“It looks like a long time ago. I’m wearing ancient clothes and a brown headgear. I’m an old man. White hair and white beard. I wear brown trousers. Ancient clothes. I have sandals on my feet.”

“I have a wife. She is small, petite and old.”

“My daily life - I go out I and chop firewood…. my wife cooks. I bring the wood to the fire. Some people come to buy wood from me.”

“Now there more people coming. I’m serving food. It’s like a rest area. People would come and stop by for a rest and a meal. My wife does the cooking and serves the customers. We serve soup, rice, vegetables, meat and wine. I see a young girl helping.”

“The men have long hair and swords. Their hair is tied. They have a satchel. Then, they sit down. The sun is hot. Everyone is sweating. They are drinking and talking.”

“I see a fight. Tables are being overturned. The customers are fighting with one another. We are scared. I’m running away from them, protecting my wife and the girl, who’s my daughter. I’m hiding them. I’m a timid man. I don’t like conflict. I’m scared and don’t know what to do, I don’t know martial arts.”

“Fight is over. I heave a sigh of relief now that they are gone.”

“My wife just realized that she has a stab in her stomach. I look at her now. She’s been stabbed. She’s dying. She’s saying her last words…..“Look after yourself”.”

“I feel lonely. I feel sad. I’m crying, I don't want her to go, but she's gone. We bury her, near the hut. So it’s just me and my daughter.”

Next scene
“I’m old now. I’m 80 years old. My daughter is 25 years old. She is very pretty. I carry on living.”

“My daughter gets married. She meets a good man. They have to leave. I’m happy to let her go, but she is sad. She thinks I cannot look after myself. I assured her that I would be fine. I’m an old man now, white hair and white beard. I have a stick and doing my daily chores. I’m still running my business alone.”

“I’m visiting my wife's grave.”

End of life:
“I’m lying on my bed. I’m dying of old age. I just breathed my last breath.”

Me: What were your last thoughts?

Client: “My wife and my daughter. I’m happy. I’ve done my best. I had a beautiful daughter. I lived a simple life. It’s unfortunate that my wife had to die. She died when we were sixty.”


“I recognise my wife as my current life friend. We had a good life, content, happy and simple.”

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