Past lifetime as an Emperor’s concubine in ancient China

Client, in his first PLR session saw 4 lifetimes: 2 lifetimes in China, 1 lifetime in USA and another lifetime as a young English boy.  He regressed easily and provided detailed descriptions. This is the second lifetime that he saw in his first session. 

Past lifetime as an Emperor’s concubine in ancient China

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“I’m in a Chinese palace. I’m a concubine. I’m female. I’m dressing up…..Applying makeup. I have a helper. I have to look beautiful for the emperor. He is going to visit me tonight. I’m excited and happy. So is my helper. I’ve got beautiful smooth beautiful clothes.”

“I’ve got beautiful soft skin. The palace is beautiful, very grand. Lots of ornaments. I’m a dancer. I can dance for the king….I’m very feminine…very seductive.”

“The Emperor comes in, mesmerised by me. The Emperor has a moustache. He is seduced by me. The Emperor is copulating in a chamber. I know I’m going to be pregnant after this. The Emperor is happy with me. He stays the whole night, until morning.”

“It is morning….He’s getting clothed now. He has to leave.”

Next scene:
“I’m giving birth….sweating. pushing. Frantic….difficult birth.”

“The Empress is here. She wants to take my baby because she doesn’t have any children of her own. I said, “No, please.” I begged her not to take my baby. But she takes it anyway, there’s nothing I can do. My helper / my maid is begging her not to….There’s a lot of blood.”

“I saw a pair of scissors. I’m stabbing myself in the middle of my stomach with a pair of scissors. There’s no point of living anymore when my baby is kidnapped.”

“My maid is there, she tried to stop me. She’s sad to see me go….”

“I’m dead…. My soul is leaving the room. I see my maid crying… sad. I see my body limped on the bed, full of blood. I see my beautiful jewellery, ornaments. I’m floating on top of the palace. I see the Empress taking my baby away. I see the Emperor busy with his affairs. I’m floating away.”

“I feel resentment towards the Empress. She feels like my mother in current life.”
“I feel sorry for the Empress that she has to do that. But I forgive her. She didn’t have her children. She's jealous that the Emperor likes me, she’s just vicious.”

Spirit realm:
“I’m floating in the clouds. I’m being cared by the Jade Emperor. I’m dressed in white. I see Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin is looking after me. I’m dressed in white. I’m female, lying on the bed, being cared by Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin cleanses…. caring, blessing, healing.”

“She’s healing my stab area. I’m crying because I feel blessed. I feel loved by Kuan Yin. I feel her love very much….immense love.”

“She says that it’s ok. That she loves me. She says, “Let it go, forgive, be happy.”


This explains why client doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother in current life. He also had problems with women, as he had the perception that women give him problems. 

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