Past lifetime in USA - Trekking the Grand Canyon and living a gay lifestyle

Client, in his first PLR session saw 4 lifetimes: 2 lifetimes in China, 1 lifetime in USA and another lifetime as a young English boy.  He regressed easily and provided detailed descriptions. This is the third lifetime that he saw in his first session. 

“I see mountains. I’m a man. I’m walking on really rocky terrain...climbing.”

“I’m a white young man, carrying a backpack, I’m walking. I’m trekking on my own adventure. I’m alone.”

“It’s rocky….full of stones. It’s a hot day. I’m drinking water. I’m sweating. I’m talking a rest. I see people walking up as well. It’s a rocky mountain.”

“I see two young men. They are chatting with me. One said, “I thought we could up together.” We became friends. They share their food and stories with me. We become good friends.”

“This is 1980’s. In America. At the Grand Canyon.”

“There’s an accident. One of the guys fell. I tried to hold on to his hand but couldn’t. It was slippery, he lost his balance and fell of the cliff. He hit a rock and died. From three friends, became two. It’s just the two of us.”

Next scene:
“We got on well. We became lovers. The tragedy brought us closer together. We have a life together. A happy life in San Francisco.”

“I’m a physiotherapist. He's a computer technician. We have a dog. We were happy together. Laughing, joking.”

Next scene:
“I’ve died. It could be AIDS. I see spots on my body. I’ve really shrunk as a man. My partner is looking after me.”

Last thoughts:
“I’m really sorry. Sorry I’ve been foolish and careless and hope that he’ll be fine and safe and happy. It could be in the seventies or eighties. I was in my house on a white double bed.

“There are lots of books. It’s a basement flat. I can smell bacon. I see orange juice, flowers, coffee.”

“I’m dying. It was a painful death. I’ve no control of myself.”

Connection / similarities to current life:
I recognise him as another friend of mine in the current life. I like nature. I liked the job that I did, as a physiotherapist in the past life. (Client’s job is in a related field in the current life.)

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