Sibling rivalry in present and past life

Continued from the earlier account on client’s past lifetime which had the common theme of abandonment by family members. In the first past life, she was a child beggar in India. In the second past life, she was a child prostitute in Russia. In the third past life, she was left behind in a park as a toddler by her jealous elder sister and in her teenage years, was drowned by the same sister. It explains her current life feelings of insecurity, feeling unloved and fear of abandonment.

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“I’m on a grassy field. There are many yellow flowers. It is a sunny day. I’m searching for someone. The grass is tall. I just keep walking.”

“I’m a little girl…. white skinned with braided hair. I look like a rich girl and wearing a nice white dress. I wear knee-length socks. I’m three years old.”

“I pass by a small house. It looks like a barn. I just keep on walking. I’m on the street already.”

I moved client backwards in time to an earlier time in that life to find out what happened.

“I’m in a playground. My elder sister brought me there. She is 12 years old.
 She left me there.”

“My mother is at home, a 10 minute walk away”.

“I’m looking for my family members. I didn’t feel scared, I just kept on walking. I see cars passing by and walked past some trees. I’m running now. I’m on the street, looking for my way back home.”

“I come to an apartment door. My mother comes and greet me. I found my way home.”

“My sister intentionally left me at the park. She disliked me. She was jealous of me. Her face was not happy when saw me back home. She felt that my mother loved me more than her.”

“She’s not happy that my mother is hugging me. My sister is staring at me with hate. She is in a white dress.”

“She is hostile. I feel like she will do it again. She went back to her room.”

Next scene:
I’m in the water, I’m drowning. I fell from a boat. Someone pushed me. I'm in a lake."

I moved client backwards a little to find out what happened.

“I’m sixteen years old. I’m in a boat with my sister. She shook the boat and make me accidentally fall into the lake.”

“She hated me. I’m drowning and she is doing nothing.”

Me: “Why did she hate you?”

Client: “It was because of something related to a man……We loved the same man. She got jealous. In many areas, she wanted to be the champion, but I overshadowed her.

Current life connection
“I recognise her as my current life eldest sister. She made my siblings dislike me and she got jealous when I got married to a good man and moved on to a happy life. She only loved to hear my sad stories.”