Group Past Life Regression Workshop Experiences

Below are some of the past life regression experiences that were shared by the participants in the January 2015 group workshop.

PLR Experience 1
“I saw a ‘little-house-on-the-prairie’ kind of environment….Western frontier set. …American houses.”

“I’m a poor farm boy holding a pitch fork…..wearing very ragged clothes. I am alone. I can see that there are little children and only women, no men.”

“I was a male. It seems that I was the only male in this scene. There are no men around. I wondered where all the men have gone.”

“My cause of death was choking. There was a huge lump of something like a big, dry bread, stuck in between my heart and my solar plexus. I saw myself lying down on a haystack.  I looked Caucasian, with dirty brownish hair. I was choking and coughing. I died choking, with that object stuck in me. I was in my teens when I died.  

“The men are all at war or went somewhere. I was sickly, so, I ended up taking care of the farm and joining the women and children.”

“My shoe was made of moccasin skin. It was cow skin just simply sewn or patched up together”.

PLR Experience 2
"I found myself in a dark place, like a prison. I was a man. I was feeling upset, depressed, defeated. After some time, I tried to make friends with the guards and tried to feel better about being in prison."

"For some reason, I would incite people to revolt. I saw an earlier scene where my father would plead with me to ask me to stop, but that didn’t work. Instead, it landed me in prison."

"There was another scene in prison, after feeling better and I had made some friends with the guards, I continued inciting the prisoners in prison: “Stand up to corruption. You don’t have to take it. Think for yourself.”

"I ended up being poisoned just to keep my mouth shut. I had a cellmate who was saying, ‘told you so’ because I stirred up trouble."

Last thoughts: “Was it all worth it?”

"Similarities to this life: "In this life, I am still opinionated. But I don’t instigate people now. I’m not openly outspoken or an activist although I had very strong opinions."

PLR Experience 3
“There are 3 rows of shops. Each shop is 4 storeys. I’m in France, in the year 1914. I’m at a town on the street. It is a cobblestone street. There is a window display by a shop selling furniture.”

“In front of the row of shops is a street. There is a lamp post there. I see my father standing there, from afar. He has a moustache and is wearing a black hat, a black coat, and black pants. He looks very serious. It was like I was hanging around on the street whereas I was supposed to go back or to his office.

“When I came closer to him, we turned to the left, to the rows of shops. There’s a staircase. I’m not sure if this is a house or office. The shop sign is written ‘Cobbler’. I am a boy, 12 years old, fair skin, pink cheek, brown hair, skinny, wearing a hat and looking like Oliver Twist.”

“I am wearing shorts and leather shoes. My attire is chequered brown, with shorts and long socks. I walked towards my father who looked serious. It was like I had done something wrong and was going to get punished. My name is Simon. I could hear people calling me Simon.”

“I died young, at that age. My mother is wearing black, sitting beside my coffin. It was not a scary scene. When I was on the street earlier, I was so happy. I could see that I had a smiley face. When I died, I died in peace. I don’t look pale. I had pink cheeks and smiling. I died of an illness. There was no wound. I can see greenery beside me.”

PLR Experience 4
“I went into a Victorian kitchen which had flower pots. I see Victorian-style dining sets. The tables and chairs were white. I looked outside the kitchen and see a main door. It is a small one, and narrow. I saw a guy standing there. He’s wearing something like a cowboy hat. He looks like a sheriff. He’s standing facing the kitchen. Behind him was the door. I know that I’m the cowboy.”

“When I went outside, I went to another world. I saw a lot of cars coming towards me. They were black in colour, with big front lights. I was walking alone on the street. They look like olden day cars.”

PLR Experience 5
“I saw cobblestones. I felt like I was in England. There were horse carriages. I’m a woman with blue eyes. I lived in a townhouse. Next, I saw myself getting married in a garden.

End of life: “I felt it was a death during childbirth. I gave birth at home on my own bed. It was my first child, and I died during childbirth. I felt regret, very sad, that I could not experience being a mother. My husband and baby was with me at that time.”

PLR Experience 6
“I’m in a beautiful place, with green mountainous tea plantation. I was standing under a big tree. I can see roots at the ground. It’s summer. It in the Victorian era. I’m outdoors, in bright sunshine. I was a white little girl, with golden coloured straight hair, blue eyes. I was barefoot, running around in the garden.

“There is a swing there but nobody’s playing there. The swing was made from a very dark colour wood. It was made from very solid wood. My house was made of wood. The staircase is on the left hand side. On the right hand side is a dining hall. I can see bright sunshine.”

“There is party around. There are people inside and outside the house. There is a beautiful woman with white blonde dress wearing a beige coloured hat with flowers. I don’t now who she is. I go outside. I don’t like to stay inside. I see a woman sitting very nicely, wearing a white long dress, looking beautiful.”

PLR Experience 7
“I was in some sort of a tribe living in a village by the side of the river. The dwelling is made of straw. My death was due to old age. There were many ceremonies. There were a lot of rituals. They were almost similar to Hindu offerings. ….Very elaborate, with lots of prayers.”

“They had gateways drawn on the ground where the corpse is lying on the ground. They look like portals….North, South, East and West. People were wearing clothes made from animal skin. We were dark skinned.”

PLR Experience 8
“I was in a very beautiful garden, with lots and lots of flowers. The weather was nice. I couldn’t’ see my feet. I was wearing a very big skirt with lots of ruffles. My name is Amanda. My place of dwelling looked like a castle. I died falling down and it affected my ankle.

Current life connection – “In my current life I have a strange swelling in my leg, with no pain. The doctor gave me diuretics which helped release the water, but the swelling still comes back.”

PLR Experience 9
“I see minarets in a twilight environment. There were sharp buildings with spear-like structures. It is far away. The roofs are not rounded, they are sharp, like spears. It seems to look like a Thai monastery, with sharp structures.”            
“I see a bald person, but I only see him from the back. He looks like a monk. The robe was worn from the right shoulder, and exposing the left shoulder. It is dark, gloomy, yellow / orange. It looked like a dirty, unwashed robe. He’s wearing sandals. However, in the current life, I have no relationship with Buddhism or any of these customs.”

PLR Experience 10
“I was a young male in an Arab marketplace with a horse or camel. I’m a businessman. I’m at the marketplace trying to sell my things - , trinkets, cloth. I felt that I’m a good business person. I managed to make some profit. I’m confident. I could sell my things. I was feeling very brave and adventurous. I’m young. I travel. I don’t stay in one place. I had a white headscarf.”

PLR Experience 11
“I was at a waterfall area. It is a western country. It is cold. It’s summer. Although the sun was out, I could feel cold. I was outdoors. I was wearing winter clothes and furry type of shoes. I was a male, 40+ years, quite tall and well built.”  

“I stayed in an old timber type of structure. There were floral curtains like during Victorian times. I died peacefully of old age.”

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