Past life as a child beggar in India

Client found the reason for her feelings of insecurity, unhappiness, feeling unloved and fear of abandonment. She regressed to 3 past lives which had the common theme of being abandoned by family members. The first past life that she regressed to was in India. 

“Insecurity and fear of abandonment is often related to past life memories of literal abandonment: being orphaned, sold into slavery, left out to die in times of famine, separated from loved ones during a crisis or a war, etc”. - Roger Woolger (“Other Lives, Other Selves”, 1987)
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“I’m at a very long road. There’s an empty land beside the road. It is at night. There are palm trees along the road, making it look scary. There is no light. I can’t see anything. I am barefoot. I’m wearing dirty clothes. I’m male, six years old.”

Me: “Where did you come from?”

Client: “From my house -- A wooden house. Looks like a Kampung (village) house with attap roof. I came to look for food. I’m a beggar. I have no parents. I just beg for money or food from people.”

“I’m in front of a row of shoplots. There are many people there. I’m sitting there begging for money, I'm very dirty.”

Me: “Which country are you in?”

Client: “I’m in India. But my skin is not dark. I look like a Chinese or mixed. I had brown hair and brown skin.”

I moved client to an earlier time in that life to find out what happened.

“I’m at home with my parents. My parents are not Asians. I feel loved. I’m happy. I’m two years old. I wear nice clothes and looked rich. I have a nice house. I lived in Hong KongIt is a bungalow, single storey, with a big landscaped garden in front of the house. The gate is black. I am playing around in the garden. I’m the only child in the family. I had no sisters or brothers.”

“My parents looked sad. Something happened to them…….Something about their business. There was some problem with my father's business. They are busy packing. They look nervous. They need to run away. Something happened to the business. They lost quite a lot of money. They owed people money. They are busy packing. They plan to leave by boat.”

Next scene
“They are on a ferry. I’m waving at them. I’m not with them. They send me to another couple. My parents are waving at me. They didn’t tell me anything. They look happy.”

“The couple are two old ladies. They are church sisters…white ladies. I’m wearing a jumpsuit with white colour t-shirt and black shoes. I’m with the sister. That sister brings me back to the church. There’s an orphanage inside the church."

"I got adopted by a dark skinned couple. They are a young couple. They are my new parents. I’m brought to a house with Asian decoration and wooden furniture. They are not poor. It is a big house. The new mother, looks serious. The father looks ok.”

“I felt that I had no freedom in that house. There were a lot of restrictions. There were many children there. I was given a role. My duty is to get money for the family. I was trained to become a beggar. Other children were trained to beg as well.”

“All we had to do was to sit there. My new mother said, because I looked cute, people will give me money. I just needed to sit on the floor. Then, I just pass the money to my new parents. I don't get anything. I don't get enough food also. That’s why I go out to look for food.”

“I just walk back to the road lined with palm trees. I am walking along the road. I am looking for food. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I didn’t miss my parents. I just want food. I just walk out to look for food from other families. If I am lucky, they will give me some food.”

"I didn’t manage to get food. But I don’t feel sad. I am still singing while I’m walking. The road is so dark. It’s midnight. I can’t even see what’s in front. I keep on walking. It’s cold because my shirt is not a proper shirt. I’m skinny. I’m six years old now. I’m still walking." (Client is back to the first scene that she saw in the regression)

Next scene:
"I’m back to the same street. I can see daylight already. There are a lot of working people on the street. It’s a modern town. No one is looking at me. I keep on walking. I’m begging money in the streets. I just say, “Give me money” and gestured with my hand. I didn't get food but I got used to it."

Client automatically went into another past lifetime. Click on link below to read.