Feedback on Past Life Regression Workshop (24 - 25 January 2015)

Past Life Regression Workshop (24 - 25 January 2015)

Below are some of the feedback of the participants of the workshop:

“I regressed fast, and it’s very vivid / lucid…Truly an invaluable experience. What I saw during the regression on the first day of the workshop has somehow helped to improve my physical condition. I can bend better and my muscle is more flexible on the second day. The outdoor sessions were the best and very effective. The ambience and environment was very conducive. I made new friends – like minded people. Will do one-to-one sessions soon.”

“The workshop has given me tools to begin a practice of remembering past lives.”

“The workshop is useful, especially the sharing sessions. It is one of several tools for growth. The simple steps taught makes it possible to practice on my own in the future.”

“I like this group regression workshop. We can share what we ‘saw’. I couldn't focus at the beginning of the workshop but Dr Selina slowly guided us to regress better in the next few sessions. This 2-day workshop is a great experience. I will explore further in a one-to-one session.”

“I feel ‘enlightened’. At last, I feel I’m not alone, these two days have shown to me that there are like-minded people living near me.”

“I am able to understand the cause and effect in lives, other dimensions and to appreciate things / relationships that I have. I intend to go for one-to-one regression.”

“All the past lives I saw were happy. I believe this is what my inner self subconsciously wants to tell me -- to live happily in this life. This is the conclusion I made after this 2-day workshop. Before this, I felt blocked by challenges in my work life and my relationships. They are blocked because of negative thinking. From the regression, I saw my past lives. No matter whether I died at young or old age, I was happy. Happy with a simple life.”