Lifetime in Rajasthan, India

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Lifetime in Rajasthan, India

I am a girl, playing in the sand. I’m wearing colourful clothes. It’s still a white place. There are intricate designs on the walls..

I am 18 years old. I am in Rajasthan. I’m dark skinned. The woman’s daughter is very fair.
The woman’s daughter is getting married to a Rajput prince. He looks nice. He has a tight moustache. He won’t take care of her. He’s very mean. He’s eyeing the girls there. He’s eyeing me. Shame on him. (Client recognizes him as somebody she knows in the current life). Fishy character. She is just crying but he is smiling away in front his friends, looking at the other women. And he is doing it in their matrimonial home. And she is watching from the window. You can see him and his friends and this lady dancing there. She’s watching and crying. I’m her friend. I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to finish him off.

I’m standing next to my friend, and watching this and my anger is rising. I’m standing with my friend at the window, it’s a mesh type window with designs where you can see through. Then there’s this door, the door is closed. We can see them. They don’t care whether we are there or not. And there are 4 persons sitting there. The guy is sitting here, with 3 more friends. There’s a wearing a dark coloured dress, dancing. I don’t blame her. She’s ok. She’s doing her job.

These people are no good. I think I want to kill him. I know I’m going to kill him.

I see that I’ve used the dagger and I’ve killed him. Even in death, he’s very violent and his violence shows on his face. During that time, I have no regrets. (Client recognizes him as someone she knows in current life, and that she doesn’t have a good relationship with this person). Now, I’m being taken away to prison. But anyway, it’s been worth it.

They release me many years later. I’m old now. But I’m tough. I still walk up with my head high and everybody respects me. I’m wearing a white dress, I have a metal thing on my forehead that the people there wear. My hair is covered but it’s white. I’ve put on weight, I’m older. I’m very tough. As I’m walking back, one the street, everyone is bowing to me, not at my feet but just bowing down (slightly). They’re all wearing colourful dresses. They’re all queuing up because they know I’m being released.

I killed him because he made my friend sad. He didn’t take care of her. He caused her sadness. And then, although was married to my friend, he’s eyeing me. I’m actually working in her house, but he treats me more than a friend. I recognize this friend as my current life sister-in-law, whom I’m close to.

My friend married to another man whom I recognized as my current life brother-in-law. My friend is there. She put on weight. She was very happy. They have 3 or 4 children. I saw her happy. My work is done. And then I suddenly collapsed. I’m dead.

Last thought: I’ve done my job. They people are all gathering around me and crying. Crying for what? I have done my job. They should do their job. If they don’t do, then they should cry. They don’t need to cry for me.

Leaving the body
When I come out of my body, I’m still wearing the same dress. I have that silver metal thing on my head. I’m wearing something white. My hands are like feathers but my legs are fizzy, like curves. But the top part is still the same. The Rajasthani ladies always wear the metal thing on their head. Even my friend is wearing it. She’s wearing and orange and green dress. I can see her kids playing there. She and her husband are very happy. Her father is very good. He got her to marry again, otherwise, they (tradition) don’t allow. This is somewhere around 1892. My current life father was her father in law. He took care of her like his own daughter. He got her married to my current life brother. She was a widow. In 1892, he took the courage to marry a widow to his son. She is my current life sister-in-law. They’re all very happy. They never treated her like one grade down. They look upon her so much. She got what she deserves.

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