Lifetime in Greece

Continued from Lifetime in Germany

Lifetime in Greece
I’ve got golden hair. My face is round. It’s chubby. My hair is very nice. I got a white robe. There are pleats on the robe. It’s a soft but heavy cloth. It’s a lot of cloth, and something around the waist as a belt. There’s a round band around my head, and it is made out of wooden twigs and green leaves.

I am in Greece. It’s a marketplace. All the “ordinary” fellows are there. I don’t want to be dirty. I am a female. I am 23 years old. My face is chubby. I have a bodyguard. Big sized, round and dressed in fur. He’s waiting in the corner so that nobody disturbs me. It’s 186 BC. It’s a bit dirty down there. They’re selling all kinds of things. I don’t want to go there. Those guys that carry the palanquin, they will carry me. I don’t have to walk.

My father has a grey beard, almost white, very neatly cut. I’m his only daughter. I have a brother. He’s nice. I recognize him as my current life brother from now. He looks the same, but his eyes ere brown and blue. He’s also wearing white, but it’s short and there are also pleats. He’s wearing sandals. My mother has passed away. She was the queen but passed away earlier. I have many people to take care of me. There are so many people in the house doing some work. We have people coming and going. My father used to sit on something – it’s not a throne, but it’s high up and its white. It’s marble. He has something on his head like a crown. But it’s not like a king’s. He’s a vicar. He’s helping the poor people to settle their financial problems. People are approaching him for help. My brother is sitting there, watching, because he needs to take over my father when my father is no longer there.

I don’t have anything to do. So, I roam around. I have a maid to cook food for me. I always scold her. My father and my brother are discussing something. It looks like they want to get me married. I run inside the house. It’s white, there are pillars all around. It’s open to the side, and around that are all the rooms. But it’s all white. I can see the blue sky.

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