Strong connection to boyfriend from different country and background

A Malaysian Chinese lady wanted to find out about her connection with her African boyfriend. She felt an extremely strong connection when she first met him, although he’s from a different  country and background.   

I’m on a hill or on a mountain. I see kids running around. It’s like a farm. There are people there. I am wearing white coloured flat shoe. I’m a female. I’m a mother. I’m in my late twenties or early thirties. I carry a basket. There are many kids running around and playing. Some of them are my kids. There are also chickens walking around. There are many families. Everyone seems to be very busy. Everybody is very busy doing something. It’s a farm life. There are greens, small houses and very nice scenery.

I have a husband, but I don’t know who he is. I saw a little boy. He’s running towards me. I love him. I have 3 children. I’m a very busy mum. I’m a housewife. My husband has gone to work. I’m wearing a dress, with very small flowers. I see my small house on top of the hill. I’m not from a rich family, but I’m ok. I’ve got food on the table. I’m busy but I have a happy family. I have many neighbours and we all work together. There are clothes hanging. The house is a small one. The door is open. Everybody can run in and out.

I’m tall, quite thin. I can be quite fierce, shouting for the children. This particular boy, I adore him. I think he’s my youngest son. He’s 4 – 5 years old, with curly hair and big eyes. He’s skin colour is kinda dark. He’s very active.

The inside of my house, it’s pretty simple. I see a dining table, bed. No rooms. Just a house, everything’s open.

My husband seems to be away. I don’t seem to miss him that much. I adore the boy. I have a daughter as well. The daughter is older than the boy, but I still love the boy. And he likes to cling on me.

There are a lot of work needed to be done. Everyday, I feed the cow, wash the clothes, feed the children, clean the house. Typical housewife’s work. I have a piece of cloth, tying up my hair on top of my head. I have long hair. It is black in colour. But my little boy is dark with curly hair. But I’m not dark. I’m average looking. Perhaps better than average, but a bit stressed out. I need some peace for myself. The people around me look almost the same as me. But they’re friendly. Their skin colour are almost the same as mine. I only know that my husband is away. It seems to be a habitual thing, away to work. I don’t miss him. Well, that’s part and parcel of life, I guess.

I still think about the boy. I like him. And I adore him. I love him. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I don’t know why. And he loves me too. The feeling is intense. I don’t know why. It’s all around me. (Note: Client felt an intense feeling of love when she recognised who he was). 

He’s just playing around. And in between he likes to come back and cling on me. He’s a very happy boy. And I always continue to keep an eye, watching him, just making sure he is safe. But his eyes are big. And he is very lively. I recognize him as my current life boyfriend.

I’m now in the house. I light up the kettle. I have 3 children. The first two are girls. The third is a boy, my youngest son. I go back to bed. It seems to be a peaceful life there. Day in day out, it’s the same. I adore my son. He seems to be so important in my life.

I always keep an eye on him. I don’t seem to pay enough attention to my daughters. They are good girls. It’s dark outside. I’m about to go to sleep. I still wear the same dress, with small white flowers. I’m combing my hair. My hair is long. I look in the mirror. I still look good. I got a little bit lonely. But I never miss my husband. My focus seems to be on this little boy. I’m going to the bed. I’m going to sleep. There’s nothing so exciting about the life there. It’s almost day in day out, the same. The weather can be a bit cold. It’s chilly. It’s a bit windy, on a mountain. I’m going to sleep.

It’s morning again. My husband comes back. He’s walking towards the house. He’s a tall man. He’s a good husband. I don’t know what he’s working as. He came back. The children all wake up. The girls go and cling on him. My son got up as well and also goes towards him. He seems to be a loving and kind husband. I go and cook breakfast. I serve fresh milk from the cow. They are all very happy, talking. My husband is talking as well. The kids are listening to him. We seem to be a very happy family. We are happy. We are just happy.

It’s just another day. It’s the same old scene. The children are running around, playing. The dogs barking. The chickens walking here and there, with the cows, …. it’s just another day.

10 years later:
The kids are grown up. I see my son again. He came and talk to me. I listened to him attentively. It is time for him to go out and look for something for himself. He grew up to be a very tall handsome guy. His hair is no more curly, but his eyes are still so big. He wanted to go out and explore the world. I was ok with that. I just love seeing him become better and better.

He is about to go out. We give each other a hug. I told him I loved him. He told me, “Ma, I love you too”.

I stand there and look at him, until he disappears. I wasn’t much sad. I was happy. I knew that he has to venture out into the world, and that is for the betterment of him. I feel a sense of comfort and I know he loved me to. He will come back to me one day.

Now, I have the feeling of sadness. I miss him. I really miss him. I know he’s a happy boy. He’ll be ok. He’ll be fine. I really miss him.

10 years later:
My son got married. I knew he would come back, and he did come back. My son is gonna stay put with his new wife and I’m very happy ‘cos he finally came back to me again. I see both of them walking together, they’re talking and I’m very happy.

10 years later:
I grow older. I’m no longer so healthy and so active. My son has 3 children. They’re running around. Just like him, when he was younger. I don’t do so much these days. But his wife is very busy. She is very hardworking. Her children always come to me as well, my grandchildren. It’s pretty much the same life. Except I grow old. I’m 60 – 70 years old.

It’s the same picture, but it’s no longer me. It’ my daughter-in-law whose doing the work. I’m sitting next to the doorstep watching them. I’m happy for them.

I’m on the bed, surrounded by my son, his wife and 3 children. No one else. Only them. He is very sad. I know it’s time for me to go. I’m happy I loved him. I loved him so much. It’s just old age. I want to leave.

Last thought:
I want to be with my son. I loved him. I want to love him. I want to see him.

Transition to the spirit realm:
I’m floating. I’m moving away. I’m sucked out, further. I’m leaving the body. I’m sucked out. I’m flying. I saw an image. It’s my mum in this lifetime (already deceased), waving at me. She just smiled and waved at me and I go towards her. I asked her, “How are you?” She said she is fine. She said she missed me. That’s about it. We didn’t want to talk much. I’m still floating. I don’t think I have a physical form. I don’t know where we are flying to. I see clouds beneath me. I’m in the sky. I see white clouds. I see my son and his wife with the children crying. I’m on my way. I know he can handle it. A gate? I see a white gate. I don’t know what that is. I just see a gate, but no house. Just a gate to cross over. It’s open. I walk through the gate, but there’s nothing inside. I’m walking on clouds.

It’s quiet. My mom is still there. I ask her where are we going, but she didn’t answer me. She seems to be guiding me. I’m floating. I see somebody with long white beard, dressed like a Chinese. My mom is communicating with him. I don’t know what they say. He seems to be showing directions. I don’t know where. It’s peaceful here, nothing to worry.