Healing from toxic mother-daughter relationship

Client came in for another session earlier today. I was happy to see her looking radiant. She said that her unknown sadness which she felt daily for the past 3 years had disappeared after she had a session with me a few months ago. In the past, she used to experience sadness and cried every few days for no apparent reason. She believed that it could have been caused from her suffering emotional wounds since young from her overbearing and toxic mother. She loved her mother but found it difficult to speak to her mother who wouldn't listen to her point of view.  

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When she was young, her mother was emotionally unavailable and displayed lack of maternal warmth, but when she was older, her mother became controlling and wanted to micromanage many aspects of her life, until now, when she was in her forties, already married and had a family. 

Client related that since her session with me, her relationship with her mother has improved as she could manage her mother better now and not get upset by her mother’s cutting words. 

In her latest session, we did some forgiveness work, healing emotional wounds, sending love and awakening the joy within. She came out of the session feeling lighter and beaming with radiance. Wishing her all the best in her life!