Feedback on group workshops and private sessions

Feedback on Past Life Regression Workshops

“I had a better understanding of Past Life Regression when I experienced it firsthand in the workshop. I got a glimpse of where some of my obsessions and traits are coming from. I came to the session with a sceptical point of view, but now, I am more open minded now, knowing that healing or solving a certain problem can also be resolved by this method. I am interested to know more about it and to gain more insight about my past lives. I do think that a further one-on-one session is needed for me to find the answers that I seek.”

“The past lives I saw are related to my current working style / leadership. All the previous lives required me to be disciplined, act with authority and must be systematic / orderly. (I was a knight, sheriff and bag piper in my past lives). In this life, I also have similar traits and expect high standards of my subordinates. Also, in every life, I found myself to be a loner and enjoying the simple life, which is similar to now as well. The workshop was good as expected. The group size is not too big, which is good, as the facilitator is able to give more personal attention.”

“I now understand clearer about souls and their existence and its transitions. Its affect on subsequent lifetimes of person are quite significant. Misconceptions about PLR have been corrected. The group session has given a glimpse about PLR. I am thankful to Dr Selina Chew for the opportunity.”

“I got an in-depth understanding what past life is all about. I’ve learnt that there is definitely a connection between our current life and past lives. We can heal ourselves by understanding our past lives and taking them as life’s lessons. The workshop was very interesting. It has given me an insight of certain significance to my current life.”

“The workshop is an eye-opener. Very informative and I managed to see my past lives in a group session. It was conducted in a small group and in a relaxed manner. Personally, I felt very comfortable”.

“I regressed fast, and it’s very vivid / lucid…Truly an invaluable experience. What I saw during the regression on the first day of the workshop has somehow helped to improve my physical condition. I can bend better and my muscle is more flexible on the second day. The outdoor sessions were the best and very effective. The ambience and environment was very conducive. I made new friends – like minded people. Will do one-to-one sessions soon.”

“The workshop has given me tools to begin a practice of remembering past lives.”

“The workshop is useful, especially the sharing sessions. It is one of several tools for growth. The simple steps taught makes it possible to practice on my own in the future.”

“I like this group regression workshop. We can share what we ‘saw’. I couldn’t focus at the beginning of the workshop but Dr Selina slowly guided us to regress better in the next few sessions. This 2-day workshop is a great experience. I will explore further in a one-to-one session.”

“I feel ‘enlightened’. At last, I feel I’m not alone, these two days have shown to me that there are like-minded people living near me.”

“I am able to understand the cause and effect in lives, other dimensions and to appreciate things / relationships that I have. I intend to go for one-to-one regression.”

“All the past lives I saw were happy. I believe this is what my inner self subconsciously wants to tell me -- to live happily in this life. This is the conclusion I made after this 2-day workshop. Before this, I felt blocked by challenges in my work life and my relationships. They are blocked because of negative thinking. From the regression, I saw my past lives. No matter whether I died at young or old age, I was happy. Happy with a simple life.” 

“This is a great experience that I can communicate with my Source again. I know He is always there for me, to communicate with me. However, due to my busy work and life, I didn’t receive his message. From today onwards, I will start my meditation again.”

“Good, well prepared program. Participants managed to learn step by step before starting the PLR session”. 

“A mix of interesting and magical feelings to expect unexpected experiences. It works for everyone, I believe and past lives memories are there inside everyone although I saw a minor part of them. Will definitely practice more at home following the proper procedures. It was a relaxing and informative workshop.”

“It was interesting! I think I have just seen my past lives. For an introduction, it’s pretty good but tiring.” 

“I’m glad that I got to find out more about my connections with my close friends during this workshop.” 

“My past life experience was jumpy and fragmented, which made it a bit difficult to understand or gain any insight to what it really meant. The final part which saw me as a healer I think maybe is the answer to what I need to do in my life now, work unfinished in my previous life. I think it opened a door to something I had not thought about before. I would like to try a one-on-one session to go into it further.” 

“I was in outer space. I saw planets, stars and blackholes. I was riding on a curved ring, shaped like a rainbow, in space. It was dark. I met my guardian angel / friend. It was a white horse form with wings. What I saw during the regression answered the questions that I had in my mind. On the whole, it was a good workshop.” 

Feedback on one-to-one PLR Therapy

Received this email from a client, "It was indeed a very amazing experience and I am so lucky to be introduced to you and be able to be guided into the PLR sessions. Thank you very much. I am still in awe with the whole experience (7 February 2015)

Just received this message from a client who came in for her past life regression session this afternoon: “Hi Dr Selina.....Thank you for a great session today. It's really an eye opener for me and a very interesting experience.” (1 February 2015)

My client from Kota Kinabalu had a very detailed second PLR session this morning, with lots of insight. At the end of her session said, “When I came in yesterday, I was just curious about my past lives and why I have stumbling blocks in my life. After today’s session, she said, “I have found much more than that and I have received the answers I need.” I am so privileged to have been able to facilitate her session (18 January 2015)

This made my day! I received an email from my American client who travelled all the way from Taiwan to Kuala Lumpur for a past life regression session. She sent me a written experience about her past life regression session. She wrote, “Selina, thank you so much for a wonderful session. It was amazing for me! You are a very talented individual and it was so nice to meet you! ….. Attached you'll find my written experience of the session. An amazing experience indeed. I can't thank you enough”. (16 January 2015). Click here to read her story in her own words. 

I am happy to receive a message from my client who recently came in for a PLR session to help her heal emotionally, let go and move on after her boyfriend broke up their relationship 9 months ago. She said that for the past 9 months, it was very challenging and she experienced major depression because of the break-up. She would feel emotional and would start crying every time she saw things or heard songs which reminded her about him. 2 weeks after her first PLR session, she sent me a message: “I don’t know how and why, but I felt better already after the first session. I’d feel sad when people mentioned things related to my ex, but I didn’t cry. It’s a good sign.” She will coming in for her second PLR session which will be able to help her even further. Past life regression therapy helps tremendously for people who have relationship issues or need to let go of their past relationship and move on. (9 December 2014)

I just received an update from a mother whose 15-year old daughter used to have panic attacks especially during school examinations. It started 2 years ago and she would start hyperventilating when under too much pressure. The panic attack would also recur during her examination period. During the panic attacks, she felt like she couldn’t breathe and felt light-headed, and took some time to recover. She had been to a few sessions with a psychologist, who had taught her coping skills which helped her calm down during the panic attack. However, that didn’t stop the panic attacks from recurring. Her mother was concerned that it would affect her during her upcoming PT3 examination (major public examination for Form 3 students in Malaysia).

She went for a past life regression a month ago. She regressed easily and it turned out that her panic attacks were from a past life in which she was kidnapped. After viewing her past life, she felt much better. I’m happy to hear from her mother that her daughter is much happier now and did not have panic attacks during her recent PT3 examination.

"Thank you for your therapy last Saturday - I think it helped me a lot. I have never been hypnotised before, and this is a new experience for me. It was a strange feeling when I felt my whole body muscles relaxing - felt like a wave going through my whole body very subtly and slowly - incredible feeling. I do think the PLR is interesting and like to have another meet up with you again. Let me know when you would be available again. Thanks again for the assistance" - Mr. G (8 March 2010)

Note: During the second session, client said that his shoulder pain was gone after the first PLR session. 

"After the session, I feel more elated, sort like joyful. I'm getting ready - mentally & physically - for my pilgrimage. I'm looking forward to answers in matters pertaining to my life including on what's best in moving forward especially at my age. The first session with you was GREAT. I think I have made a good decision in going for the session." - Mrs. S (4 March 2010)

Note: Client had a very good session the other day in which her late father and her late husband came during the session to give her permission to be happy again, as her left brain had denied her the freedom to be happy especially after her late husband's death. This was the reason she felt that she did not have excitement / fun in her life or feeling passionate about anything. 

"After the PLR session, I noticed that I felt at peace and somewhat happier. Later on in the day, I noticed that I had no lower back pain even though I sat for solid 3 hours on the sofa talking to my friend. I only started feeling the back ache after I reached home later at night and even then it was very mild. On normal days the back ache is prominent and is a nagging pain irregardless of what posture I am in." - Ms. K (22 March 2010)