About Selina

Dr Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified past life regression therapist who has been actively involved in the field of past life therapy since year 2004. She specializes in helping others heal and empower themselves through past life and in-between lives regression therapy. 

She was featured in The Paranormal Zone on NTV7 (Malaysian TV channel) facilitating a past life regression session. Her work has been featured in The Star, China Press, and several other magazines. Her clients come from varied ages, nationalities and background and have regressed individually and in groups, to their past lives and even to their in-between lives.  Through her work, she has helped her clients to be more empowered, reclaim their wholeness and have a greater understanding of their life’s purpose, issues and challenges. 

She conducts talks, private PLR sessions as well as group PLR workshops. Dr Selina Chew holds 3 different certifications in past life regression including the Dolores Cannon method of PLR. She also holds a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching, an MBA, an LL.B (Hons) degree and masters degree in metaphysics, among others. She has been featured in The Star on her work on Past Life regression (The Star, Starmag Section, 7 September 2008 “Looking to the Past for Healing”and the New Straits Times on her work on colour therapy (The New Straits Times, Life & Times Section, 14 April 2009 “Heal with Colours”). She is a certified Emotional Literacy trainer and also holds a Graduate Certificate in Expressive Therapies. She manages Life Inspirations (www.life-inspirations.com) which provides workshops and therapies to nurture the mind-body-spirit, to inspire people to reclaim their wholeness and help them realise their full potential.