PLR Process

What is Past Life Regression?

The Process

Before the regression starts, we will discuss your goal or what you would like the session to help you with. In a safe and relaxed environment, and through guided imagery and self hypnosis, you will be guided to a past lifetime that is connected to your goal. You will go through the various incidents in that lifetime in relation to your goal. After experiencing that lifetime, you will be led to a place in between lifetimes for healing where you will experience healing, gain understanding and make connections between your current life and your goal. After that, you will be guided to integrate your learning experiences, insights or skills into the present life.

What will I experience?

To benefit from this therapy, you have to let the images, feelings, thoughts and sensations come up during the regressions. You will be fully aware and in full control of yourself at all times. You may feel like you are the person in a past life. You could sense that you are a man or woman, young or old. You may also see images in your mind – like watching a movie of your own past life. Some people receive other sensory sensations such as odours, sounds, tastes and sensing of temperature changes. The sensations you receive may be quite subtle or very vivid. You may also re-experience feelings in that particular life.
You might find that your pre-conceptions, ideas and roles you have accepted for yourself begin to loosen and dissolve. Each time you make a connection to a past life you learn new information about yourself. You become aware that you, as a being, are much more greater than you previously thought.

You may have one or more of the following experiences:

• Seeing images in your mind – visual and in colour.
• Sharpness of images may differ from hazy to clear.
• Sense that you are a man / woman, young / old in another time and place
• Feel hot or cold, smell odors, hear sounds and taste food.
• Experience feelings / emotions in that particular life.
• Recognize close relatives or friends in the past life images.
• If you are seeing images from a third person perspective, you may strongly identify with one character
• Images seem more “real” than dreams and do not feel as distorted.
• The scenes seem to unfold on their own. You feel as though you are not making it up.

You may see a past life scene in 3 different ways:
• As though you are there in that body in that lifetime, walking about, exploring places, or talking to people.
• As though you are watching a movie (watching from a third person perspective)
• Seeing flashes of still images, like looking at photographs.

What hypnosis is

The method that I bring clients back to see their past lives is via hypnosis. I noticed that many people have a misconception of what hypnosis is or they don’t have any idea about it at all. Some think it is similar to what they see on TV, i.e. dangling a pendulum in front of a person or making people doing silly things that the hypnotist says. Others think that the person who is hypnotised is unconscious. 

Actually, hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state where your mind can help you to focus extremely well. It is a very natural state that most of us are in during a large part of the day. We go into hypnotic states many times during the day and not realize that it’s hypnosis. For example: 
- Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming or staring off into space? 
- Have you ever been absorbed so deeply in reading a book or watching television that you did not notice someone speaking to you? 
- Have you ever been so engrossed with your work and lost track of time or unaware of what is going on around you? 
- Have you ever driven down the highway so absorbed in your thoughts that you forgot to exit where you wanted to? This is called “highway hypnosis”. 

Watching TV is the most common form of hypnosis. Marketing companies are fully aware of this and maximise TV commercials for advertising and marketing purposes. When we listen to a charismatic speaker too, we too, are in hypnosis. This is when we set aside our conscious mind proper (Beta brain wave) and establish direct communication with our subconscious mind (Alpha brain wave). 

Characteristics of Hypnosis

- You are in a very relaxed state – physically and mentally 
- Your hands and legs feel heavy 
- Your concentration is focused 
- The body is (usually) immobile 
- Rapid eye movements may occur 

Past Life Regression via Hypnosis

- You are not asleep / unconscious. You don’t lose control. 
- It is not dangerous. 
- It is not scary. Nightmares are more scary than viewing a past life. 
- You cannot become “stuck” in a past life. After the session, you will be back in the present and resume your day. 
- You can emerge from a regression whenever you want. 
- Feeling is similar to daydreaming, or "losing yourself" in a book or movie. 

During a PLR session, some people think that they are not hypnotised because they are conscious and aware of what's happening in their surroundings. They may feel as though they are in 2 places at once, i.e. in the current life and also in the past life. Nevertheless, a light hypnotic state is sufficient to access the past life memories. 

© Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht