Client's feedback after PLR session - Unknown sadness and grudge towards mother

Client used to have unknown sadness inside her heart since she was young and didn't know the cause. She also had an emotional relationship with her mother and they couldn't see eye to eye. (Looking through my client's cases, I find that many women have issues with their mothers). She also had the habit of wrist-biting for a number of years. A week after her first PLR session, I was happy to receive the following message from her:

"After my PLR session last week, I noticed that the unknown sadness that I have had for a few years is gone. I don't have anymore hate and grudge towards my parents anymore. My relationship with my mother has become better. I now can sit and listen to her without any anger inside me. I also noticed the habit of biting my wrist has also become less frequent".

Looking forward to her next session.