War elephants in ancient India

Client wanted to find out the connection to her current life boyfriend and she regressed to ancient India. Below is the second lifetime that she had with him in the past life. 

Photo description: Indian War Elephant armour, 17th century, in Royal Armouries in Leeds, England.
Photo source: http://chessrex.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/War-Elephant.jpg

I’m an Indian woman. I’m very dark skinned and very thin. I have just finished washing clothes from the river. The clothes are in a wooden basin.

I see some sand flying, from afar. I see some people coming back, riding the elephants. They are Indian warriors who fought in a war. They are holding some sword-like weapons, made from wood, stick and rocks. A rock was tied up together with a stick. It resembles an axe. They have come back from afar. They have won the war. My husband is one of the warriors who was sent to fight in the war. I am not sure if he came back.

I walked home. I lived in the village. My house is made of earth. It is a simple house. The roof is made from dried grass. I have a five year old child. There are chickens running around.

I had a good relationship with my husband. My husband was a warrior. He left the house to go to the palace. He was required to go to war again. He had no choice. He left riding the elephant. He didn’t come back. I never saw him again after that. I recognise him as my current life boyfriend.

Next scene:
I feel sad. My buffalo died. There was no grass… All dried up. I’m starving….no food to eat. We couldn’t plant anything. I was sick and hungry. My son also died. I’m forty years old. I’m very thin. I’m going to die from hunger. There are a lot of flies because there are a lot of dead animals.

I’m poor but happy. It was a simple but happy life. I was sad my husband left and died in the war.

Connection to current life and lessons learned
I hardly get to see my boyfriend as he is busy with work and he always works overtime. Due to the nature of his work, he is always on call. I have to let go, just like in those days when he was ordered by the king. I must encourage him to concentrate on his work. When he has time to spend with me, I must be positive and spend the time with him. When we are together we must be as happy as possible…to cherish the moment we can together. This is what I’ve learned.

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