Past lifetime in California during the drought season

Client, in her past life regression went back 250 years ago to a lifetime in California during the drought season. From owning a big corn farm, the corn farmer had a change of fortunes due to the drought and died a poor man. Client also found the connection with her former boyfriend.

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There’s grass all around. I’m walking around. From far I can see a house. I’m walking to the house. It’s a wooden house with big windows and a blue colour door. I stand outside the house. It’s my neighbour’s house. No one is there because they are out for work. I’m waiting for my neighbour to come back. My house is far from this house.

I’m male. I’m 37 years old. I have brown skin and some white hair. I’m very tan. I’m a farmer. I own a corn farm. It is quite a big farm. There are others who help me. My neighbour helps me in my farm. He is 50 years old. We work on the farm manually. We don’t use technology. We have horses.

Next scene:
It is the new year of 1765. We are celebrating in a bar. We are drinking, with the villagers. Everybody’s talking. There are all men there.

Next scene:
I saw a dead cow on the road. It is like a desert. Everything is dry. The cow died because of the drought season. The village is empty. Everyone has left. I have to leave the village. Everyone left the town on foot. I’m in California. The year is 1786.

I don’t join the other villagers. I’m the last one. I must leave. I cannot stay. It is too hot. The crops have died. I walked to another place. Now, I see some green grass and a big tree. Before that, all was yellowish and brownish. I followed the path, I see chickens running. I see some kids running, playing. It’s a better place. I come to a house. There are clothes hanging outside. I ask for a job, but there is no job for me. They asked me to go to the town.

I walk to the town. I see a sheriff. I see a bank and grocery stores. But I have no money. I don’t have any money to buy things. I ask for a job. There is no job for me. They say that there are other people who asked for a job, but the town had no job for us. I don’t know where to go. I have no money to stay. I’m alone.

I’m sitting in front of a restaurant. I can smell coffee. I don’t have any money. I cannot go in. I need food. I sit there. Many people are at the restaurant. I see a waitress, I like her. She doesn’t notice me. I’m staring at her from outside the restaurant. I wait for her until she finishes work. I follow her. I wanted to talk to her. She feels scared. Her brother meets her. She walks to her brother’s shop. Her brother warned me not to follow her. He pointed his gun at me. I left. I liked this girl, but her brother doesn’t let me get close to her. I didn’t have the chance to speak to her.

I walk to a farm. I see cows. I work in the farm. I got a job there. I milked the cows by hand. I’m pouring the milk to a big wooden tank, to make cheese. I stay in a little hut near the farm. The owner’s family also works on the farm. The owner takes cares of the horses. His wife passed away before I took the job. His wife used to milk the cows. Now, I do the job. He’s riding a horse. He wants to go to the town to sell the cheese and cow’s milk.

When he is away, I go to the town to see the girl. The girl talks to me. We are chatting happily. But the brother doesn’t like me. She tells me that I cannot marry her. She said that her brother has arranged a marriage for her, but she doesn’t like that guy. She likes me. She wants to run away with me, but she got caught by her brother. I cannot stay, I must run. If not, her brother will kill me. I recognise her as my ex-boyfriend in the current life.

I left the town. I come to a port with boats. I heard seagulls. I see a building at the port. It’s some kind of warehouse, but it’s closed. It’s a wooden building red in colour, on my left hand side. The sea is on my right hand side. Today is Sunday, our off day. No one is working. I walk through the town. One woman is walking with a black umbrella. I smiled to her but she didn’t even look at me. I’m walking on a cobblestone road. I see a carriage parked outside a shop. I look for a job but didn’t manage to get a job. I see an apple tree. I ate an apple. I walk to a housing area. I asked for a job in a farm. They have lots of pigs. They want me to feed the pigs, which were very dirty and smelly. I took the job. I’m cold and alone.

End of life:
I’m lying in a coffin on the farm. I’m 63 years old. My moustache is white and my hair is a bit white. There are villagers around me. Some women cry for me. I never got married. I wished I could have been with that woman. I have no regrets in general. I died poor. The villagers donated a coffin for me, because I had no money. Then they buried my body outside the village. They just put a cross there with no name on it.

Note: One of the life lessons learned from this past life is the vicissitudes of life that one goes through and the impermanent nature of life and fortunes.