Fears and phobias - Client's testimony

Happy to receive this email from my client who came for past life regressions sessions 2 months ago. She had extreme phobia of cats (to the extent that she would throw up) and had a fear of not being able to conceive after 2 failed IVF cycles. Client was also afraid of being alone at home, especially at night. 


Dear Selina,

I’m writing to you to keep you updated on my progress after the past life regression session that you had conducted for me.

There are considerable changes within me and a kind of calmness has prevailed. The life has moved from being restless and anxious to a calm and very normal life.

Nothing disturbs me much like before and I have been more confident and cheerful now.

If you recall, I had completed 2 cycles of IVF and not being able to conceive was my biggest worry and fear. I had gone for a blood test as doctor suspected a rare disorder. My reports are now out and the test results are normal. I have just gone for the last IVF cycle. Fingers crossed! Hoping for a better result this time.

Can't thank you enough for all the positive changes that has come into me because of the session. I am truly enjoying this phase like never before as the word ‘FEAR’ has miraculously disappeared.

Thanks so much.

Best regards. 


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