Participants' feedback on Past Life Regression Workshop (4 - 5 April 2015)

“I had a better understanding of Past Life Regression when I experienced it firsthand in the workshop. I got a glimpse of where some of my obsessions and traits are coming from. I came to the session with a sceptical point of view, but now, I am more open minded now, knowing that healing or solving a certain problem can also be resolved by this method. I am interested to know more about it and to gain more insight about my past lives. I do think that a further one-on-one session is needed for me to find the answers that I seek.”

“The past lives I saw are related to my current working style / leadership. All the previous lives required me to be disciplined, act with authority and must be systematic / orderly. (I was a knight, sheriff and bag piper in my past lives). In this life, I also have similar traits and expect high standards of my subordinates. Also, in every life, I found myself to be a loner and enjoying the simple life, which is similar to now as well. The workshop was good as expected. The group size is not too big, which is good, as the facilitator is able to give more personal attention.”

“I now understand clearer about souls and their existence and its transitions. Its affect on subsequent lifetimes of person are quite significant. Misconceptions about PLR have been corrected. The group session has given a glimpse about PLR. I am thankful to Dr Selina Chew for the opportunity.”

“I got an in-depth understanding what past life is all about. I’ve learnt that there is definitely a connection between our current life and past lives. We can heal ourselves by understanding our past lives and taking them as life’s lessons. The workshop was very interesting. It has given me an insight of certain significance to my current life.”

“The workshop is an eye-opener. Very informative and I managed to see my past lives in a group session. It was conducted in a small group and in a relaxed manner. Personally, I felt very comfortable”.