Past life experience – Watching a witch trial in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 17th century

Client wanted to find the connection with his current life close friends. He went back to 2 lifetimes. One was in Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the square… waiting for someone to appear. I’m in front of a church. I’m waiting for someone to appear at the church door. It’s a trial.

I’m a white lady, with reddish hair, blue eyes, round face…young. Maybe 16 years old. I’m female, wearing a dress.

I feel quite excited. There are a lot of people with me. Waiting for the person about to be condemned. It is like a fun fair atmosphere, with laughter and anticipation.

I see the person. It’s an older lady. She’s on trial for witchcraft. She looks like my (current life) friend. She looks very old and haggard. She’s still calm. We are all jeering at her. She’s on a platform in front of the church. She’s going to be burned at the stake. The year is 1626.

They’re taking her away to be burned. There’s lots of excitement. They enjoy watching it. It seems like a fun event.

I’m just part of the crowd. I joined everyone and have a good time

I see her being burned. Initially, I felt nothing, then I got upset. I’m standing behind her, I can’t see her face. The crowd is watching in horror. I can see fire in her hair. The mood has shifted. Now they feel remorse.

There is a man with a beard. He’s a big man with a big hat -- a judge or priest or something like that. He looks big and powerful. He’s heartless and not open. He doesn’t care. He’s a cold hearted man.

It’s a Sunday.

There’s a smell from the river – a bad smell.

I can see the houses on the slopes. People are leaving. The place is becoming empty. We go and sit in a shop... all girl friends. We are talking about what happened. About how wrong it was. Our mood is very different from when it started, we were all quite upset and angry…reflective.

I see a man on a horse. He is a man of authority. I’m angry with him because he’s part of authority. He looks like a younger version of that earlier man. He’s looking at us looking at him with anger. He rounds us all up. He called his backup soldiers. He sends us to jail. All four of us.

We’re in a dungeon waiting to be condemned. My hands are chained. I’m quite rebellious. I see the guy cutting my neck with a dagger, a deep cut. There’s blood.  It seems senseless, what he’s doing. I’m lying on a flat stone table. It feels like I’m waiting to die but I’m still conscious. In my mind, I think I want to fit back but I can’t. I really want to fight back.

They know I’m not dead but they threw me into the river. That’s where they throw all the people who are injured or dead. That’s why the smell is there. Lots of dead bodies just dumped into the river. The river is not deep. I can see my body. Lying with other bodies. I don’t look the same as I did earlier.

The sun is setting. It is late in the evening. I see one of my friends also in the river. She looks like one of my close friend (a guy) in my current life. She still looks good.

The place is high in the mountains. They use the river as a sewer.

She was my best friend in that life. We were very close. More like family. I told her I’ll see her again. I wanted to be with her again.

I can see the sun, really bright, bright gold. It’s beautiful. It feels good. I feel like I’m part of the sun. 

Selina Chew, Ph.D, C.Ht
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist