Past life as a rich woman in England

Continued from previous post about client who wanted to find her purpose and drection for this life. 

I’m in a garden. I’m a lady wearing a hat. I’ve got brown curly hair. I’m wearing a big skirt and white blouse with laced trim on the collar. I’m walking carrying an umbrella. It’s lovely weather….Must be spring. The flowers have all bloomed. It is cool, the air smells really fresh.

Now, I’m sitting at the bench talking to my husband. He’s wearing a top hat, he’s rich. We’re rich. I recognize him as my present life husband. He is very kind. We’re just sitting and chatting on the bench, eleven o’clock in the morning. There are kids…. They are calling me “mama”. There are three boys - very cute they have got my brown hair. They are running around playing. The eldest is 11 the youngest is about 3 years old. The second one is 6 years old. The year is 1800’s in England.

End of life:
I’m dying. I’m sick. I’m very weak, lying in bed. The kids are still very young. No one knows what my illness is. I think it’s cancer. I feel very tired…very weak….Feels difficult to breathe. But I’m well taken care off by my husband. We have a maid. It’s a lovely house. We were rich. There’s a lot of beautiful things in this house, the nanny takes care of the kids now that I am sick. I’m gonna miss the kids.

I’d really like to stick around to see the kids grow up but I don’t think I will. But that’s ok. They will all be fine. I have had a good life. My husband took very good care of me.

I died very peacefully. Everyone was there. I said goodbye to everyone. It was a very blessed life.

I’m still hanging around. See my body on the bed. I’m proud of my kids. They’re strong. They are just what I had wanted them to be -- strong and controlled. My eldest is 13. He’s an amazing man. He’ll be good.

I am back home, in the light.

Understanding and lesson learnt: 
Client had a deeper understanding that she needed to work with children in her current life and to seek out underprivileged children who needs her help.