Lifetime as a busy businessman in England

Continued from the earlier post about client wanted to find the connection with his current life close friends:

There’s a beautiful garden with a river. There are a lot of people here, looking really happy…laughing and talking. They look like Europeans. There’s a big open space, with water, and people are having a picnic. There’s a big building at the back.

I’m a man… very tall, very lean…white skinned. I’m in the army. I’m wearing army uniform. There are many women around, and I’m socialising with them….having a good time, laughing a lot.

I’m riding out of the building on a horse. I was shot in the chest by rebel. I fall off the horse.

I’m in a nursing home. I recognize the maid as my current life friend. She is taking care of me. I’m injured but it feels quite pleasant being there with her. We have a lot of fun conversation.

It feels like England. I’m in a little town. I’m in the top room, lying there, recovering. She comes everyday to help and clean. We become great friends.

I’m ok now. We’re walking on the streets, hand in hand, looking really happy. We’re on a boat on a big river. She’s looking also really happy. Some houses had piers. It looks like England. The top of a building there has 1534 on it. It’s a beautiful town. I’m really happy there. I’m married now (to the woman who was a maid). We have 3 kids.

After I recovered, I was no more in the army; I was doing trading with ships… selling things. I was a businessman. I made a lot of money. It came quite easily to me. I had a lot of friends who helped also, always around me. We are in a shop talking. I seemed to be very focused on work, making money and neglected the children, maybe my wife too. I see myself working and working…but having fun.

I’m walking on the street…. I’m drinking in the pubs with friends. I’ve been quite drunk but feeling isolated. I still feel very separated from them. I left the pub and walked alone in the streets at night. I go to someone’s house. It’s a lady friend. We have a relationship. I see the building she lived in. She owns a hotel. She’s a successful businesswoman. We seem to have more in common. People don’t know about our relationship.

There’s a garden inside the hotel. We spend a lot of time in the garden. We liked the garden. We go travelling also. We go to hills with a lot of slopes… A place with cliffs going into the sea. We have a business there also. It’s like a pub, which sells food and beer. We go there often. That’s why I neglected the family. I was bored also. It was too easy. She was very kind. There was lot of care. There was no excitement. With this person, there was excitement. I was too lazy to be a father. I liked children but wasn’t too responsible or involved in their lives. I spent more time working and being with this woman.

I’m walking in nature. It seems like I can’t sleep. I’m outdoors…. just walking to another lady friend’s house. I have a relationship with someone else. It’s not a serious relationship. I don’t spend a lot of time there. I see myself walking most of the time. I see horse carriages there. There’s symbol on the carriage - a castle with a plant next to it.

End of lifetime:
I see myself being really old in bed and again my wife is taking care of me. I’m coughing really badly. I picked up something (infection). I’m not well. I’m coughing blood….She’s taking care of me….Very faithful. She looks all grey but still very beautiful. I feel that I’ll miss her so much. The children are around. My boy is very close to me. He’s always there. He looks really sad. He’s a big boy now. They are all waiting for me to die. I’m 78. My wife is in her 60's. She’s younger than me. My son is about 40. We have been close. I know I’ll miss him too. (Client recognizes son as his current life nephew whom he is supporting).

I see myself passing on. I’m out of the body looking down at everyone. They are all very sad. We were very close. It was a very good life. I see them crying. There’s something I needed to do with my son. He seemed very afraid in that life. He never came out and did very much. He lived in fear. He couldn’t talk. He looked so lonely. I regretted not being able to help. I wish I had helped him….but I didn’t know how. He did look unhealthy….very skinny…with sunken eyes. But he was very good. I wish I had done more with him.

I had lots of regrets for that life. It was a life where I was happy. I could have done so much more for others. I was too focused on my own happiness. There’s a sense of regret there. Things I should have done that I didn’t do especially for my son. I think I was blind to many things that were happening around me. A lot of things came very easily. It was a good life, a very spoilt life, my wife spoilt me too. She gave me everything. I was really happy with that, and it made me quite blind. Although there were many good things, it seems like a lot was wasted. I regret not being loyal to my wife. I regret not spending more time with my son.

In the spirit realm:
I see clouds breaking up. I’m moving to a clean white room. It’s really bright and white. I’m just enjoying the feeling of the room. It feels very pure and easy, effortless. It feels like I’m a child being held….being loved. The room doesn’t have form. No shape and dimension. The room is flying.
Current life connection and understanding:
Client understood the connection with his nephew and close friends. A week later, client shared that he was surprised to find that he related to his nephew quite differently (was more compassionate towards him) after the PLR session, as he now sees the bigger picture.  Interestingly, the gunshot wound to his chest in that past life corresponded to a keloid scar on his chest which appeared mysteriously, and even having it surgically removed, the scar appeared again.