A past life spiritual practice

A Buddhist nun wanted to access a past lifetime, in which her spiritual practice was very good and which could help her in this life. She regressed to the year 220 AD in Myanmar as a Buddhist monk. 

“I am a Buddhist monk. I am on a grassy field, surrounded by trees. I am at the border ofMyanmar and India. I am barefooted. I am wearing monk’s robes, which is orange-brown in colour. I am 40 years old. I am sitting, observing nature. I am alone. There is no one around me.”

Next scene:
“I am going to a village for alms (food). There are old wooden houses with attap roof. I am carrying an alms bowl. I walk mindfully, not paying any attention to the external environment. I move without stopping.”

“I am still in a meditative mode. I am very mindful. I am not bothered about my surroundings or about getting food. I keep moving on, even if I do not have food. My mind was so fixed on the mindfulness. I said to myself, “No food, never mind.  I won’t die because of no food."

“I was very deep in mindfulness, not bothered about what is happening around me.  I was very focused inside. I practised alone in the forest. There is a small open space, surrounded by trees. The landscape is very green with fertile trees and green grass. There are no huts. I am only surrounded by trees. I can see the sky. I lived in that place.”

“I am thin and tall, average looking, striving very hard, very determined. Day in, day out, I practice.”

“I stand up, and look at empty sky. Now, I feel a bit heavy because I pushed myself too hard. After the heaviness has gone, I feel more relaxed.”

Death scene:
“I died around 70 – 80 years old, due to starvation and insufficient food. I did not die in agony. I died in a sleeping position on the grass.

Spirit realm: 
“This is a place of equanimity. There is the Buddha and all arahants. There is a congregation of noble silence. I feel the energy associated with the Buddha. It moves by itself. I feel the energy going to my head.

Lesson learnt and understanding about that life:
“I learn that I should not work myself too hard and to take things as it comes. I practiced observing moment to moment and being aware. Breathing in, breathing out. Just be intact with the breathing. Lightly, smoothly, persistently and constantly within. I meditate on whatever I observe, but the mind is staying within and within the breath. I appreciate nature but staying within, peacefully and calm."

"I had a strong wish / aspiration that was not fulfilled at that lifetime. By the time I think I found the way, I had died. There is no need to strive too hard to attain enlightenment and to have proper right view of the practice. "

"The positive qualities I had are a very strong determination and I was a very contented person."