Career dissatisfaction

A lawyer wanted to understand the reasons for feeling unsatisfied with her career despite having a successful career and is envied by her friends. She regressed back to a very rich lifetime in Europe. 

"There is a portrait of a man, wearing a coat. He has moustache but no hair. I’m wearing a dress that little girls wear. It is white and made of smooth cotton. I am a small girl with long, black hair, tied up with a ribbon. I’m wearing shoes on my feet. They are white in colour. I am fair skinned."

"I am on the staircase, looking at the picture. I am in a house. It is a big house, that one can walk up the stairs, with portraits hanging on the wall."

Next scene:
"I am playing in the garden. I am running around. There is a guy with me. He has black hair. He is tall. He is lying down looking at me. I’m dancing in the field, with the wind blowing my hair. I’m in my twenties. I feel carefree. I’m wearing a dress. It is white in colour. It looks like some western frock."

"I see trees in a park. I see grass and butterflies. I am just enjoying myself sitting down on the ground, hugging my legs, watching."

Next scene:
"I am in a room full of people. There’s a party going on. There are lots of people holding wine glasses. They are mingling around. I’m holding a wine glass, chatting. I am talking and laughing. I feel happy. I am wearing a dress. It is a black dress.

There is someone at the piano, playing a song. The party is held in a big house. The people are very high class, wearing tuxedo jackets. I am wearing high heel shoes, black in colour. There are diamonds on the top of the shoes. A man is proposing a toast on stage. He is giving a speech. He’s with me now in the party."

"We are walking together towards the car. It is daytime. There is a long black limo. We’re sitting at the back. The driver is in front. We are waving goodbye to the guests. We’re on the countryside road. There are trees and grass. It is an old but very beautiful countryside. I feel happy."

"We arrive at a cottage. It is a very old quaint cottage, made of brick walls. It is old fashioned with a big kitchen. We are having tea. We are in Europe."

Next scene:
"I’m now a mother to 2 little boys. I’m welcoming my husband home. He is a businessman. I’m staying in a big house. There are maids around. We are very rich. We have very classy furniture in the house. It is a big, western, classy house."

"I feel alone. I am rich but nothing to do. I feel satisfied with my life, but sometimes I feel bored."

Next scene:
"I am still in the house. I am fifty something years old. I’m just sitting around, reading a story book on the sofa. I feel alone. I don’t see anyone."

Death state
"I’m lying on the bed. There are people around me. I can see my husband and some little kids. I am sick. I was very peaceful at the moment of death. I feel peace. I see lights everywhere. The lights are just shining. I’m energy, shining brightly. I feel peaceful."

Understanding from that lifetime
"Things were very smooth in that life. Life is beautiful. A lot of people would want to be in my position (in the past life) and have no financial worries. I have everything that I needed. I feel lucky that I don’t have any financial problems in that past life. I was very well taken care of and I had everything that I needed. I was well provided for. I felt love in that lifetime. I also interacted well with people. I was very feminine, very girlish, unlike now, where I am more tomboyish and prefers wearing pants to dresses."

"My past life was very different from my present life. Now, I’ve to work very hard. I am not a lady of leisure. I have to fight for what I want. I am not living in a luxurious life, like the last time. Maybe that’s why I’m dissatisfied with my current life. I would also like to bring back my skills of being able to mix around with people, to strike up conversations and being able to socialize well."