Once a Sumo, Once a Spaniard, Now an Indian, Next what??

A PLR workshop participant-turned-friend shares her PLR experience in her blog:

Once a Sumo, Once a Spaniard, Now an Indian, Next what??

I have had always been curious about knowing my past life. Being so inclined into Yoga and spirituality, I always thought I must have been a Yogi in my past life, meditating on the beautiful Himalayan hill tops. Or perhaps a princess/prince from ancient India who had the chance to learn the secrets of Vedanta (Vedic scriptures on creation) :)

What I found when I attended my first Past Life Regression (PLR) workshop was quite the contrary :). When the images of a Sumo wrestler started revealing in my vision, I frantically tried slimming "my Sumo" body in my vision but it just wouldn't work! Err yeah... so what to do, I had to just let go and see what "my Sumo" life had to reveal about itself...

I had a family, a beautiful wife (somehow all Sumo(s) do!) and two children, but I couldn't link them to anyone I know from my current life. I knew I was an unhappy Sumo because I had a demanding ring manager. And this ring manager was suppose to be my manager then! When I came out of the regression, I just can't stop laughing at myself, what a revelation! I couldn't exactly make out what the vision meant to me, but it told me why my relationship with my current manager was the way it was. For me, the bigger lesson from this regression was that all relationships in current life is the way it is because of our own past actions. Knowing this helped me view difficult relationships positively, after all they are helping us set the score straight!

Then, recently when Dr.Selina came to Melbourne for her holidays, Dinesh and I once again had a chance to have another regression session with her. Only this time it was a personal session :) Thanks Dr.Selina!

This time around I was a man, a well built one (phew!) who was living during the Spanish Civil war. The year was 1937 (I later googled, and found out that the Spanish civil war took place between 1936 and 1939 ), I went through the civil war, had a family, I later managed to build a good life for my family. Then when Dr.Selina prompted to see how I died in that life, I saw myself as a rich man, well dressed in my riding gear, getting on my horse and racing to my heart's content, and suddenly my horse tripped and fell throwing me out to the ground. I sprained my neck, I could see my family running towards me as I breath my last.