Jealous of husband's first wife and children

A man in his forties wanted to find out the connection with his wife and children from a first marriage and why his wife from the second marriage was very jealous of his children and forbade him to contact them. He regressed to a lifetime in England. 

I am outdoors, I am wearing leather shoes and a suit. There are flowers in the garden. There is no one around. I am watching a fountain. I am in my twenties. I have dark hair and white skin. There is a man standing there with an umbrella looking at the flowers.

In the next scene:
There is confusion. There is a war going on. It is a civil war. Things were destroyed. I am walking in this destruction. There is shooting. There is fire.

I am in the 18th century in England, Europe. It is near to the harbour. I can see the ships there.

I am walking. There is someone squatting on the ground. She is crying. I’m walking fast. I’m running away. I am alone but I am not hurt. I feel scared. I am in my early twenties.

There is a big fire. There is a bell tower with a fountain in the centre. At the front, there are buildings on fire. People are just watching. I’m helping to put out the fire. We use buckets of water to put out the fire. There are others helping. We form a chain.

“Quickly”, “Quickly”. I heard myself shouting. “Quickly”.

The fire is very fierce. It can’t stop. I can feel the heat.

There is someone there inside the building. I called for help. I tried to pull the person. I pull the person. It is hot due to the heat from the fire. I pull a girl. It is a young girl. She is crying. Then I help another one. I pull out another girl, age 3 – 4 years old. I pull out the mother. I can’t get in anymore. The lady was screaming but I couldn’t save her. I recognize the two girls as my current life daughters. The mother that I pulled out,  I recognised her as my current life former wife. I couldn’t save the other woman. She’s crying for help. I could not help her. I just stood there helplessly.....The girls were sobbing. They went to the shelter.

The fire was finally put out the next day. There were ashes everywhere. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything. I felt sorry for that woman, because I couldn’t help her out of the fire.

People were cleaning up in the aftermath of the fire. A girl comes up to me. I recognized her as my girlfriend in my current life (whom he had met before his second marriage). 

Come, come over here. I’ll get you a drink,” she said. She’s in her late teens.

“You must be tired,” she said.

“I am.” I replied.

“Have a drink. I will look after you,” she said.

I put  my head on the table and try to go to sleep.

She puts a blanket over me. She patted my head and held me. I sleep at the table.

Lesson learnt:
I’m helping people. In my previous life, I have comforted others and am also comforted in return. I also felt the fear and the grief of not being able to help. My current life link to my second wife is to help her in this life.

Note: Client also felt more affinity with European rather than Asian countries. Through the regression he understood that he had failed to save the woman (his current life second wife) and she died in the fire. He saved 3 others, who turned out to be his two children and current life former wife. He understood that this was the reason why his second wife was jealous of his former wife and children because she was not saved in the fire.