Separation Anxiety

Client wanted to find out the cause of her unusual and intense emotional reaction to the word “separation” and to the act of “separation”. She felt intense sadness and was usually in tears whenever someone mentions the word “separation” to her. She also felt very sad when her siblings got married and moved out of the house. During her PLR session, she regressed to two past lives. The recurrent theme in both of these past lives are sudden separation from loved ones. 

In the first past life, she regressed to the year 560 AD in Afghanistan. 

“I see a house in a cave at a mountainous area. It is a tall house. I see a man in a turban, peeping. I see a table and bed (old fashioned kind) and things in the kitchen. There is nobody in the house. 

I am cooking dhal.” 

In the next scene, she said, “I am barefoot, wearing a skirt with trousers. I am a young, teenage girl. I am alone, carrying an empty pail.” 

“I am a cowgirl. My duty is to milk the goats and bring the pail of milk to the market to sell it. There are many goats around me. I am feeling happy. I am dancing outdoors.” 

“My mother is with me. I am outside the house, doing household chores. There is a hut, with fencing, and my goats are there.” 

“I carry the goat’s milk in a pail and go to the market. I sell the goat’s milk. 

“When I finished selling the milk, suddenly, there was a commotion in the marketplace and many people are running about. They are running to save their lives. Men on horses came and started slashing people in the market. They are outsiders. They wear iron hats and swords and killed everyone in the market. Everyone in the market died.” 

“I feel sad looking at this scene. The place became quiet. I see the girl lying on the ground.” (She has floated out of the body, watching from a third party perspective). 

“There is someone searching for me. She is a woman aged 30+ years old. She is my mother. She is crying. I am lying on the ground dying. I am 13 – 14 years old.” 

“Why do these people kill them? They are innocent people.” 

She then went to a second lifetime. She saw the scene from a third party perspective. 

“I see a small child, around 5 to 6 years old. He looks like an English boy. The boy’s mother is playing with him. He feels happy, running around. The mother is normal size, with long hair tied in a bun, and looks motherly. She is wearing a “can-can” style of clothing.” 

In the next scene, she said, “The boy is sleeping. The mother couldn’t wake him up. The mother is crying. 

I see the little boy dying.” (The boy died suddenly of an unknown illness). The mother takes him and puts him in a coffin, and buried the coffin in the ground. The father was there too.” 

“The mother feels very sad. She feels sick for the love of her son. The mother passed away very young, around the age of 20+ years old, due to sadness.” 

In the place of love and light, in between lifetimes, she said, “I see many devas. They are listening to the Dhamma. It is quiet there. They are meditating. I’m sitting in the middle.” 

“Kwan Yin is giving me blessed water. She is smiling. She’s saying “You will be well”. * 

Lesson learnt 
“The lesson that I learnt was that I was very attached to my loved ones, especially my mother and had to leave them suddenly and unexpectedly. There was a sudden separation from my loved ones – where I died suddenly, and when my son died suddenly.” 

“The positive quality I had in those lives were being active and energetic, kindness and obedience. I also felt the love of my mother in that life. I recognised the mother in my past life as my current life mother. (Client is quite close to her current life mother).” 

* Note: 
1. Some people see angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deities, healing energies, etc. who help them to heal in the place between lifetimes. 

2. After following-up with her a year later, she said that the intensity of her emotional feelings of separation has lessened and she now understood the reason for her unusual emotional reaction.