How a past life regression feels like

You may have one or more of the following experiences:

• Seeing images in your mind – visual and in colour. 
• Sharpness of images may differ from hazy to clear. 
• Sense that you are a man / woman, young / old in another time and place 
• Feel hot or cold, smell odors, hear sounds and taste food.
• Experience feelings / emotions in that particular life.
• Recognize close relatives or friends in the past life images.
• If you are seeing images from a third person perspective, you may strongly identify with one character
• Images seem more “real” than dreams and do not feel as distorted.
• The scenes seem to unfold on their own. You feel as though you are not making it up.

You may see a past life scene in 3 different ways:
• As though you are there in that body in that lifetime, walking about, exploring places, or talking to people. 
• As though you are watching a movie (watching from a third person perspective)
• Seeing flashes of still images, like looking at photographs. 

© Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht