Going back home to another planet

Client, in her mid thirties was feeling stuck and lost and had had problem focussing on work or anything functional in life. She felt  apathetic and very reluctant to do anything constructive and was identified being in depression. She felt disconnected from the society around her and finds it hard to fit in. In her younger days, thoughts of suicide came into her mind. Below is her own written account of her experiences during her first session. 

21 March 2010

It was with a lot of difficulty that I finally could see some image. Otherwise it was mostly darkness. 

The first image I saw was of my feet. They were brown and dusty when I stepped off the cloud. The ground was dry, brown soil with brown pebbles. It felt like I was wearing shorts and a shirt made from brownish coarse cotton and they were dirty. I looked up and saw a very blur image of a village in the tropics. There was a large flat landscape. 

Selina brought me inside the village. I had the impression of a man standing and a woman sitting on the dirt floor in the village walkway. Everyone seemed very poor and depressed. There was no cheer in the village. 

She asked me to go to my house in the village. I approached a doorway of what looks like part of a very shambled hut, made of tin sheets and wood. The inside of the hut was very dark and dirty. 

I wasn’t going anywhere or able to see anything clearly here, but I could gather that I was a destitute 15-year-old.

So, Selina asked me to imagine that I’m in a dark tunnel. I should walk to the other end of the tunnel to go to another lifetime. I walked and reached the other end of the tunnel and entered a very bright place.

She asked what I could see. At first, it was just white light, then I saw my hand touching a white wall. Then, the picture filled up with the image of a room with a domed ceiling. In the middle of the domed ceiling, a very prominent and clear beam of light shone down onto the floor. There were 2 men dressed in long robes which looked like white or off white. 

One of them was standing, while another sat on a sofa at the end of the room. I was standing near the man who was not seated, but I couldn’t see his face. I could only see the face of the one sitting. He was a Caucasian with a white beard, hair, moustache and eyebrows. He had a kindly and neutral expression, and he was looking my way.

Selina told me to go speak to him, so I walked towards him and asked him, “Where am I?” 
I could not see his lips move, but a message came clearly to my mind, “This is home.” The minute I received that, tears started rolling down from my face; not in the visualisation, but in real-time, physically. I felt choked up with emotions and couldn’t stop crying. 

Selina told me to ask him to show me around the place. I did so and I could see his big hand take mine, as we floated through a white corridor. I couldn’t see any other image except of our hands held and a white corridor without lines or walls. 

When we reached the opening, I looked out from a very high point down on a flat valley. There was a curved wall by my right side where we stood. Tiny white, low buildings with flat roofs dotted the valley of green but there were no trees. There was no sky. Instead, there was a kind of shield over the valley. It didn’t seem like the planet that we lived in. 

Selina asked me to explore the place. Still holding the old man’s hand, I could see we were on a small dirt alley in the valley. The colour of the dirt was beige. I had the impression that there was some kind of agricultural activity going on at my left but I couldn’t see anything clearly. 

She urged me to ask for the name of the place. I could sense that he said something to me, but I simply couldn’t get the name. It was foreign sounding. The message couldn’t go through. 

Instead, I asked him, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m your father.” I started to cry again profusely. 

He added, “Father of all.” I couldn’t speak for the longest time because I was too choked up with tears. 

Then, Selina prompted me to ask him what my purpose on Earth is. I did so and after a long time, I got the message “To bring joy.” Yet again, I cried. 

When I stopped crying, Selina prompted the question, “How to bring joy?’ I couldn’t receive anymore images or messages, so she ended the session and it was way over time anyway. 

Throughout the entire process there were breaks in the flow of images and I was too conscious of my real-time surroundings. Towards the end, it was harder for me to stay at the place. The images kept fading away, or I kept disappearing from the place. She had to constantly bring me back to focus. 

Then came the healing part. She asked me to go somewhere I feel safe and .. i think, can heal. 

I ended up in the very same white, domed room. This time I sat right under the beam of light. It was bright but not glaring. I could look right into its centre and not hurt my eyes. The light was comforting.

Selina asked the other man there to give me some healing for the mind and body. He stood next to me and made a circular motion above my head. I was seated on the ground with knees held up to my chest, comfortably. He made some kind of gesture and I felt energy passing through me. I saw from an onlooker’s point of view a circular wave of energy pass down from my head to the ground. There was a feeling of peace and calm in the room. 

After the session, I noticed that I felt at peace and somewhat happier. Later on in the day, I noticed that I had no lower back pain even though I sat for solid 3 hours on the sofa talking to my friend. I only started feeling the back ache after I reached home later at night and even then it was very mild. On normal days the back ache is prominent and is a nagging pain irregardless of what posture I am in.

Ms. K