Seeking Mr. Right

Client was having issues in looking for a suitable life partner (not finding Mr. Right) and found it was due to a past life. 

There’s a jungle with waterfall. “I’m walking at the sides. There are many birds. I’m washing my hands in the water. It’s very cold.” 

She was female, with long hair, quite dark. She wore shorts and a t-shirt. “I’m scared of the waterfall, ‘cos it’s very loud and high.” Client now sees the images from a third party perspective. 

“There are many people. They’re having a picnic. Just sitting around. She’s talking to a guy. It feels like I’m in Indonesia. She was speaking foreign language. It’s 1970. She was with a many friends…Suddenly, she tripped on a tree trunk and fell down. She hit her head on a rock. There was a lot of blood. The guy is carrying her. 

“He’s trying to get help. The other people are all frightened. He’s running out of the waterfall area and trying to get help. He’s running through the jungle. He’s trying to ask for help…..Now they are inside a car. She’s twenty-something. The car is very cold. There’s no air-conditioner. They’re just driving on a road. The guy is crying…..I think she’s not going to make it. I don’t think she’s alive. The guy is crying and holding her tight. She’s not responding.” 

During the healing session, client felt sensations going through to her heart area….She said, “There are thoughts going to my brain…Love everything that has happened. You’ve to let go.” 

Client said that she could smell roses and was standing on a hillside. 

She realized after the session that although she met good enough partners in relationship, she felt that there was still someone out there that she was searching for. She now realized that she had to let that go. She learnt that she has to stop looking for him. She has to appreciate the ones she’s with and let go of the past.