Phobia of cats revealed through PLR

Had an interesting PLR therapy session that revealed that client’s phobia of cats in this life was due to a past life. The client in her 30’s had a phobia of cats, that would not allow her to go anywhere near them or touch them. This phobia was there ever since she was a young child, where she was teased by her classmates. They teased her by “throwing” a cat at her, knowing that she was afraid of them. 

During the PLR session, she regressed to USA. She found herself to be a white-skinned homeless old man. He was abandoned by his family. He used to be rich but his son cheated him of his money and took everything for himself. He was thrown out of the house and had nowhere to stay nor food to eat. She got the name “Michael Harris” and the location “Bristol” in USA. 

He found himself in a dark alley, behind some houses. He was rummaging through the trash cans, with several scrawny cats nearby. It was raining and he was cold. He sat huddled up due to the cold, and tried to sleep, but couldn’t because he was cold and hungry. The cats kept coming to him, and he chased them with a piece of stick, but the pesky cats kept coming back. Later, he left that dark alley and climbed up a hill. There was a beautiful house at the top of the hill. He stood outside the house and peeped in through they window. He saw his son and his son’s wife and children eating, but he did not enter the house. Instead, he turned around and went back to town. 

He crossed the road, and went in search for food, but couldn’t find any. He went back to the dark alley again and took shelter under the shade of a roof. However, a part of him was wet the roof wasn’t large enough to shelter his whole body. He was hungry and went to sleep. 

Then, the cats came and climbed over his body. The cats started biting his ears and scratching his neck and face, but he wasn’t moving. It was raining heavily and he was in the rain.The next morning, 2 policemen came and poked the man with a baton trying to wake him up, but he didn’t budge. They called an ambulance and put the body onto a stretcher. Client felt herself moving to a white place and walking along a long path that was all white, and onto another lifetime. 

At the “healing place” she found herself in nature and saw a stream. I instructed her to bathe her wounds on her ears, face and neck with the water from the stream. (She’s bathing her etheric body which helps her to heal from her fear of cats). She felt much lighter after that. She could also smell roses in this place. 

Four days later she sent me an email saying “So far I haven’t had any close encounters with cats as yet but the feeling towards them is somewhat mixed, not entirely fear”.