Ended a 10-year painful relationship

Client, W, a medical doctor in her late twenties, just ended a 10-year old painful relationship which was causing her a lot of problems and depression to the extent that she had to seek psychiatric treatment. She wanted to see what the connection with her ex-boyfriend was and whether breaking off was the best action that she had taken. 

W: It’s bright. I’m outdoors. I see light, bright light. It’s everywhere. It’s one big light. I’m inside the light. It feels comfortable. I feel like I’m floating. I’m alone with the bright light……. I’m still in the bright light. It’s all around me. I’m just wrapped up by the white light. It feels very good. Very safe….. I’ve been in this white light a long time ago. 

S: How do you look like? 
W: I’m a light as well. I’m a bright light. I’m connected to the big light. I’m smaller than the bright light. It’s everything. It’s very big. I think that there are others like me around, but I can’t feel them there. I’m encased by the big light. The light makes me feel very safe….Like I belong there.

“It’s dark. I’m indoors. I’m in a living room. There’s a fireplace there. The walls are dark. Very little light can come through…..I light up the fireplace. It’s brighter now. It’s a big living room, with couch, carpet, fireplace, heavy draperies, like an old European / Victorian setting.” 

“I am a young girl, 15 years old. I live in that house. My parents are not around. Nobody is at home. My hair is white-blond. I’m looking out from the castle. Nice green grass, fresh air. Beautiful sunny day. Peaceful day….Very nice…. I see a gardener outside.”

S: Do you go to school?
W: No, there’s no school then. I stay at home. I’m taught by somebody. I don’t know if it’s my mother or someone hired to teach about etiquette, teach about how to be a lady. I think I’ll soon be married off. My parents are looking for someone for me.

S: How do you feel about that? Are you ready to get married?
W: I think it’s something I have to face. I don’t have a choice. I’m now in the living room. There’s a painting of a scenery, above the fireplace. It’s guarded. 
That’s all. Not many paintings. There’s some candlesticks..My dad is a big man. Someone of authority. Someone very respected. My mum is a gentle woman. She wears a frock. She wears very beautiful dresses. Very gentle lady.

S: What’s your father’s occupation?
W: Father is owner of land all around. He’s the owner of a very big piece of land.
He sublets the land to farmers and the other people. He’s the owner of a very big place. He collects rent from them. That’s how he lived. I’m the only daughter, only child.

S: Has he found a man for you?
W: I don’t dare to ask. They went to find somebody. They haven’t found a suitable one. 
My mum now is my mum then. She’s very gentle, a very petite woman. She wears a medieval dress. Like in the 15th century. Very tight at the waist, then very flowy at the bottom. It’s very big at the bottom, like a round big skirt. I’m wearing something like that too, but it’s smaller. More simple. They’re still looking for somebody for me. I don’t want to go away. I just want to stay with them. I’m 15 year old now.

S: Are you of marriageable age?
W: Yes. They want to give me away. They’re discussing. They don’t know I’m there. They want to find somebody for me. They just want me to be married away. I feel so sad. I know I’ll soon be out from this place to somewhere new, with somebody I don’t know at all. I’m scared. I feel a lot of attachment to my parents. I feel so much. I’m afraid to let go. I fear the unknown. I don’t know who I’ll be with.

“They’ve found one. He’s my current life ex-boyfriend (that she broke off with). He’s a white guy, tall and strong. Come from a very rich family. They want to marry me off because he’s rich, and so I’m married off to him. In return for my hand in marriage, my dad gets some land and my dad becomes even wealthier.”

“I’m married to him now. I’m in another place. A smaller castle. He’s the owner of the place. I’m the wife.”

S: Are you happy in your marriage?
W: No. He treats me badly. He doesn’t care about me. I’m just the wife by name. I take care of the running of the place…. I the lady of the house. He doesn’t care. He goes out. He rides horses. He has fun. He’s using his inheritance, but he doesn’t work. He’s just living off his inheritance. We have no children. We’ve been married for 5 years. I’m lonely, he doesn’t care. He has his fun outside. He leaves me alone. He drinks. He finds other women. He doesn’t love me.

S: Why doesn’t he love you?
W: He was forced to marry me. It was an arranged marriage. So he doesn’t have a choice. Both our parents want us to be married to share, to have more property, to be richer.

S: Did you love him when you saw him?
W: I was smitten by him because he’s very handsome. I thought I could love him, but he doesn’t love me. I’m very sad. I took my role as a wife. He completely ignores me.

S: Does he speak to you at all?
W: Yes, he speaks to me harshly, and as little as possible. He spends his days outside as much as he could. He doesn’t want to come home….I’m so sad. I’m in my twenties. He’s almost the same age as me. But he’s having lots of fun outside.

S: How do you know he’s having lots of fun?
W: I can see it, from the way he talks when he comes back. He’s sometimes drunk, but I know he’s been with other women. He doesn’t sleep with me. I have my own room. I sleep separately from him. It’s a very sad life.

S: How long did u live this life with him? 
W: Until I die.

S: At what age did you die? 
W: 50’s

S: You’ve lived quite a long time with him. And you weren’t happy at all? 
W: Yes.”

S: Why didn’t you seek help?
W: There’s no one to turn to.

S: Did you have any children?
W: No, he doesn’t sleep with me.

W: It’s over. This life is over. I feel warm. I feel like I just want to finish this life so that I don’t want to live in such misery anymore. 

Q: How did you die?
W: Old age. 

S: In your fifties? 
W: Uh-huh. I died alone. I can see my body. I’m in a room in an old rocking chair.
My hair is white, I’m very thin. It’s very cold. I cover myself. I’m glad the time has come.

S: How do you feel leaving that life?
W: Very glad that I don’t have to live that life anymore. And I wish I don’t have to see or face him anymore.”

Conversation with the client’s higher consciousness
(There was a noticeable increase in the volume and strength of her voice)

S: What’s the connection with her current lifetime?
“The ex-boyfriend that she has been with in this life, was her husband in her previous life. He neglected her. …and she felt so miserable… and sad and lonely. In this life, he loves her more than she loves him, but he still has all the bad traits from the previous life. And she still endures it, like how she had endured in the previous life. He’s paying back for what he did to her. Instead of her loving him, and him ignoring her last time, now he loves her more than she loves him. But he also still has a very, very bad temperament. Still very bad character with a bad temper. And he still shows it to her….and she still endures it, just like the last time.” 

S: Did she do the right thing to terminate the relationship?
“She has to learn to let go, to forgive him, because of what happened in the past, how she was so sad and miserable, and she puts the blame on him for it. She has to forgive him and let go, only then she will be happy and she will find happiness. She has to understand that he is another soul. That he has his own lessons to learn. And he has his own path to take. And his bad temperament is in no way related to her. It’s just him. She has to accept that he is this way and know how to dissociate from him and to forgive him for all the hurt she has gone through in this life and the previous life, only then, can she forgive and she can let go. Only then, he will not be a big factor in her life anymore. Let him find his own path and seek his own salvation.” 

S: What is her life purpose?
“She’s here to bring light to others. She has a gift. She brings a lot of cheer and happiness. She has to find her source of her strength and energy so that she can give. She can channel it out to other people. She’s a lightworker. She comes from a higher source and she’s here in this life to give light to others and that’s why she has to serve.”

S: Which area should she be involved in? What kind of work?
“She does what she does best. She can do something that she’s good in. She finds her own gift. She’s gifted….. Use the gift well. Use the gift to bring light. She has the gift of giving joy and happiness to people. Go places that will let her give joy and happiness to people. Then she will be happy. Then she will have done her life purpose. Wherever there is place where people are sad or facing difficulties in life, and need cheer or need joy, she’s the person to give them. She will bring light to these people. She has to take care of herself as well, because she will be channeling out. So she has to feed her soul too. She has to harness the light and use it well for herself so that she can give out more but she has to learn to take care of herself too. If she doesn’t take care of herself then she won’t have the light and cannot be the source of the light to give out to people.”

S: How should she take care of herself? In what area?
“She has got to seek and align herself to her spiritual path, so that she can learn to harness the energy and the energy from the top. From the great white light that is the source of her energy and strength. She will always have to be connected to that light. Only then, will she have the strength and the infinite source to give out light. She’s got to be in touch with the big white light to seek herself spiritually. To develop herself spiritually. Only then will she have what it takes to be a light worker.”

S: And how shall she get in touch with the white light?
“Do what she’s already doing. She’s already on her path…. To be on the spiritual seeking path…. To continue the path. Seek out her own spirituality. She will eventually find the best method to seek the white light, the Great Energy. Continue what she is doing now. And continue seeking her spiritual path. She knows the way. She has intuition to know how to seek. She just has to be open to it. To go within. And not to look outside. To find herself within. To find the way. She knows the answers. Follow her intuition. Follow her path. She’s already on her path.”

S: Why did she choose to spend 10 years with him?
“She has to learn her lesson. She has to learn to let go. She wasn’t able to let go in the previous life. In this life, she was with him again to learn the lesson and to learn to let go.”

S: And she has done that already?
“Yes. And she has to learn to accept other people for what they are and to learn to forgive him for what he’s done in the past. She has to forgive him and to let go.”

S: What about her future relationships? Is there anyone suitable that will be there for her in the future, in this life?
“She’s a lightworker. She will meet many people. And she will bring joy to so many people. So many people will love her. And people will fall in love with her. But her partner would have to be a lightworker too, in order to connect spiritually. She would have a lot of people who would fall in love with her because she brings so much joy to them. And so much meaning to their lives. But the person that she will be with is someone who’s on the same path as her. Who’s also spiritually attuned to the Great Energy and who also knows his life purpose. It could be a lightworker, or some other purpose, but to serve through the white great energy as well. Someone who’s also on a spiritual path. She’ll meet the person.”

S: How soon would she meet the person? Can you give a time frame?
“The more people she meets the more chances that she will have to meet that person. There’s no time frame. It’s according to how many people she meets. Of course, she has to fulfil her purpose. She has to be a lightworker. The more she fulfils her purpose, the higher chances of her meeting another lightworker, another person on the same spiritual level.”

S: Are there any last words of advice that you would like to give?”
“Live this life with love and you love people and all the answers are within you. Just seek within for all the answers. Harness the Great White Energy, it will be the source of your strength throughout this whole life.