Extramarital relationship # 1

A lady in her late twenties wanted to understand the connection to her boyfriend in her extramarital relationship and intended to end the relationship.

It is daytime. I am outdoors. I’m wearing red skirt, pink shirt with white shoe. I’m 20 years old. I’m thin, with white skin and blonde hair. My eyes are brown in colour. I see a river near me. There’s a bridge. I’m waiting for someone. I’m waiting for my boyfriend. I don’t see him yet. I feel anxious. We can’t meet so often, because he has someone else. I’ve been waiting awhile. I don’t see him coming. I don’t see anyone.

I’m in the mountains. I’m just walking around. There are many people selling things. I’m alone. My boyfriend is with me now. He is tall and young. He’s with me now. We’re walking together. I’m very happy with him. I’m going back home.

Next scene:
I’m in a village. I see my husband coming back. He was my boyfriend, whom I married. I am not happy. He’s angry. We have an argument. He has another girl outside, and we are fighting. He slapped me. He goes out. I cry. He left the house. I didn’t have any children. I recognize my husband as my current life boyfriend.

Next scene:
I’m giving birth. I’m in my house. I’m so poor. My husband just doesn’t love me anymore. He’s not happy. I see a lady near me. I don’t know who she is. I’m crying and crying as I give birth. The birth is smooth. I have a baby boy. I’m very depressed because my husband doesn’t love me anymore.

I saw my husband coming, telling me that he’s leaving for the other woman. So, I’m cursing him. I said that I’ll be back in the next life, to be in between them. My husband’s mistress, she is as young as me. They are together after that.

I’m leaving with my baby. I’m a farmer.  I work in the paddy fields. We are poor. And I’m not happy.

Next scene:
I see my husband coming back. He has broken up with the lady. He left many years ago. But I couldn’t forgive him. I asked him to go. He has gone again. My child is living without a father. Now he’s growing up. He’s 5 or 6 years old now.  I met someone else. I recognized him as my husband in this life. He’s fair and tall. He’s very nice to me. We are together. I loved him so much. I forget about my first husband.

Next scene:
There’s a big fire. My son is trapped inside. I couldn’t save him. He’s burnt to death. My husband is not around. He’s working. I’m very sad. Very very sad. I feel like there’s no meaning to live anymore. I fall sick. I’m 30 something years old. My husband is giving me medicine. I just refused to cure myself. I want to let myself die. My husband is crying. He said he loved me. I told him I loved him too. But  I don’t have any will to live anymore, because of my son. I recognize my son as my younger brother in my current life whom I’m very close to.

Awaiting rebirth:
I see many white coloured angels flying around.  I’m waiting for another birth. I’m in a misty place with white coloured angels around. The angel said I’m going to have a good life for my next birth. I feel happy, peaceful. I don’t have a physical body. It’s a soul. It’s just energy. No physical form. I see blue colour and pink colour, round. We’re at this river, waiting for the chance to go to the next life. There are many souls besides me. I can see them. They’re in energy form. I’m white. There are other colours – green, yellow. We are round shaped. There's no outline. Just a soul. We’re all waiting there for our next birth.

Lesson learnt:
I recognized my husband, my boyfriend and my brother in this life. I’m meeting up with my boyfriend in this life because of revenge, due to what he had done to me in the past life. I feel attraction and anger at the same time with my current life boyfriend. I’m together with this husband again because the last time I owed him so much, because I refused to give him more after my son’s death. 

Note: This person's experience shows the impact of vows / curses made in a previous lifetime and the reason why there was a love-hate connection between her boyfriend and her.