Group PLR Workshop Experiences 1

Experiences shared by participants from our group PLR workshop. 

A spiritual lifetime
"It was in the 899AD. I was a monk living in the forest. I have a small hut. My practicing partners were two other monks, whom I have close affinity to in this life. I am inside a chamber with another rich man, someone of royalty. I am someone of high level in society. I am wearing a colourful attire. We are discussing the dhamma. I died at 45 years old in the forest clearing. There were several people surrounding me when I died." - KJ Ng

A lifetime as a monk
"There was a nice stream with a shrine at the side of the stream. There were snow capped mountains in the background. I was in the bushes. I could see bullock carts. I was walking barefoot. I was an Indian man. I was wearing a monk’s robe, orange in colour. I carried a wooden bowl, without a lid. I used a walking stick. I was fat, sluggish and dragged my feet as I walked.

I was loitering around. I went to see my mother. She wore a saree. Some of her teeth had fallen off and some of it had blackened. My father came back home. He wore a white turban and a white shirt, with a sarong. He was a farmer. He was very skinny. He did not talk to me. I did not like my father. My father was complaining to my mother about my laziness. 

"I died at 90 years old, with a stick and a bowl at my side. I was not fat anymore. I was very skinny instead. There was a robe covering my body. After I left my body, I felt myself going upwards. I could see the straw roof of the house. At the place in between lifetimes, I spoke to the light beings, asking them to give me a chance to practice in my next life, because I felt regret that I had wasted that life by not practicing." - Mokkhesi

A lifetime in Tibet
"I saw myself as an old monk, using a walking stick as an aid. In the backgrounds, I saw snowy mountains, with temples on the top of the mountain. The temples looked similar to that of Potala Palace in Tibet. I was looking towards the mountains. There were two monks greeting me from afar. I believe this explains why I’m very interested in Buddhist teachings in my current life." 
- Kevin