Group PLR Workshop Experiences 8

Below are some of the PLR experiences of our recent workshop participants. 

PLR experience 1 

The place was 1831. I was in some western country. I’m about 30 years old - 5 feet 8 inches tall. I’m lean, thin. I’m average looking, with thin shoulders. I have light coloured hair. I think I’m wearing some sort of a tunic. 

I’m a foot soldier. I’m a very humble soldier. I’m carrying some sort of weapon which is long and sharp. I’m guarding cells with prisoners. It’s up in a tower. I look out of the tower and I can see the sky and I can look down. There are prisoners in cells….not many prisoners there. 

Important day: I’m getting married in a little church. The bride is wearing white, with a long veil. She has light coloured hair. She wearing a ring of flowers on her hair. The house I stayed in has very humble wooden furniture with straw. 

I died due to old age. I had no fear about death. Some spirit guides helped me to cross over. After that I just saw lights. I had no regrets about that lifetime. 

PLR experience 2 

I “landed” in some clearing. The grass is dry, brown and short. It’s a solitary place. Very lonely - nobody around. The year was 1351. I’m female, between 30 – 40 years old. I’m dark because of the sun. I’m very weatherbeaten. I’m small. I’m bent over. I wearing a full-length dark cloak, like a robe with a hood. 

I lived in a cave. It’s a bit gloomy, with a little bit of light. There’s a clearing outside. There’s fire. I’ve got a cauldron. I think I’m one of those “bomoh” women / village healer. Perhaps I am a medicine woman. I was boiling herbs in the pot. I was poor and lived alone. I’m probably in some western country. I had a father mother and many siblings. They are fair complexion, light coloured hair and eyes. I’m living in the forest among the trees. 

Death scene: I was chased by villagers. There were many people after me and dogs barking. I’m running. The dogs attacked me. There’s no pain. I died. I had the feeling of anger as they don’t understand me. I want to heal, but they don’t know what I’m doing. 

After death, I came to a place where there are angels. I see my relatives who have already passed on. They’re in that place there. I asked them to drain me of the sorrow and anger. It was the last thing that I felt and I didn’t want that. I asked them to take it away. 

Current life connection: The connection is that I’m a healer now – a medical doctor. Although I’m a medical doctor, I still have the same interest today, as those days, such as the skills about herbs and alternative methods of healing, clairvoyance, etc. I also read tarot cards. I think I was also doing foretelling in that life and maybe they were afraid of me when I did those things. They didn’t understand. 

PLR experience 3 

It was in the 1900’s. When I entered the past life, I saw myself as a Brahmin. I was bald but I have a little tail. I was wearing a Brahmin type of clothing - vesti. There was no footwear. I saw jungle, tall trees. There are a lot of leaves. I was going through and looking around. I saw clothes hung up to dry – colourful female clothes hung from a string that was tied from one tree to anther. The scenes were very vivid. 

I walked and walked until I came to a very small, tiny temple. It was so dark that I couldn’t see. I was trying to see who was inside the temple. I couldn’t make out as it was very dark. There were lots of leaves all over the place. 

Next scene: I was the priest there in that temple. I was cleaning up the temple. I was sweeping the leaves there. Then, I saw a cobra. I took the cobra and I smashed it and smashed and smashed it on the floor, and I killed it because I thought I could not leave it injured. I had to kill it, so I did. I took the dead cobra and flung it into the jungle. When I looked up, I saw another cobra in the branches staring at me. 

I got frightened. I went into the temple. I went behind. It was an Amman temple. The Goddess Amman statue was there - black in colour. I went and hid behind her. I held her and asked her to save me. The cobra couldn’t come inside. It was down there. It knocked its head 3 times on the floor. Then it just left. 

Current life connection: This was the reason why my current life has always been a difficult one. It was tough and always up and down. I was very lonely and craved for someone to love me. I never seem to have any relationships. I didn’t feel any happiness. I had to work very hard at work. Promotions did not come by easily. I always had people poking me at the back. Nothing good happened to me. Somewhere, in the 1970’s, I went to a temple and a psychic there told me that I would never have a peaceful life in this life, because I killed a snake in my last life. According to the Indian belief, if you kill a cobra, the bad karma would follow you the rest of your life. I had totally forgotten about what she said until my regression today.