Feedback on PLR Weekend Retreat (19-20 June 2010)

“I came here thinking that I could not be hypnotised. I was surprised how easily I could be taken to past life experiences. It had an answer to my personal experiences and current fear. It was an experience not to be forgotten”. 

“Good experience. Thank you for giving us this opoprtunity. I have had glimpses which made me understand more of my affinity to the healing arts and spirituality, my fascination with India. Thank you! 

“I am happy to learn about how to regress so quickly”. 

“The workshop is wonderful and I now know and understand about what Past Life Regression is about”. 

“I learnt about PLR, got to know some of my past lives and there is a possibility of connection to this life. Hope to find out more”. 

“Thanks for teaching the technique in the workshop. Do hope to have opportunity for a one-to-one session when the time suits”. 

“The introduction and warm-up exercises are good, to prepare for regression. The duration is just nice with 4 times PLR sessions. I got a message that answered some of the unhappiness and stress I’m going through at this point of my life. I’ve enjoyed this 2-day session and now I know what I need to do to move on with my life”. 

“It was a good and informative workshop.” 

“Loved the videos. Generally good energy all around. Selina good at creating rapport with the group.” 

“Session has been an eye opener, expecially when we hear others sharing. I like watching the videos prepared for the retreat”. 

“Good workshop. I learnt new knowledge. Met new friends / interesting people. Very uplifting, feel energised.” 

“I learnt that all things, all persons are connected and as one, including people we come across, and people we have met in different lifetimes. Thus, let’s have more love and forgiveness”.