Group PLR Workshop Experiences 9

Below are further PLR experiences of our recent workshop participants.

Past life in India

I was in the womb. It was nice. I could just move around and float. I was very free and happy inside.

When I entered the past life, it was bright daylight. I think it’s in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I was in South India. Near the hill - The Arunachala hill in Thiru Annamalai. This place is a place where all the ashrams are. I’m a male, in my thirties, with shaven head. I’m a Hindu monk, wearing orange robe. My name was Ragunath Swami.

I lived in a grove. I lived there all my life. There is a very old temple there and I visited it often. There is a festival there with thousands of people. There’s a fire on the hill. There’s one temple there with an old priest. 

Death scene: I died in my forties. I think I died cancer of the stomach. I was in pain. There’s no fear of the death.

In-between lives: I’m surrounded by all the holy spiritual energy. They take away all my pain and recharge my batteries. There are no regrets. 

Current life connection: This explains why I keep going back to India every year. I’ve been to this place twice, but it was only in February this year, that I actually saw the grove. My best friend accompanied me there. We stopped at the grove and I said, “I’d like to live here”. I didn’t know why I said that. It’s all locked up and all covered up by barbed wire. Nobody can get in. I don’t know how long it has been locked up. There is a festival held every year in this location. I’ve never been to the festival. But in the past life, I was there at the festival. My best friend who accompanied me was also there in the past life as a monk.

I should go back there and search for whether there was somebody there in this area by the name of Ragunath Swami who had lived there. And find out how long ago that place was locked up and nobody could go in. 

Past life as a soldier

The place was 1831. I was in some western country. I’m about 30 years old - 5 feet 8 inches tall. I’m lean, thin. I’m average looking, with thin shoulders. I have light coloured hair. I think I’m wearing some sort of a tunic. 

I’m a foot soldier. I’m a very humble soldier. I’m carrying some sort of weapon which is long and sharp. I’m guarding cells with prisoners. It’s up in a tower. I look out of the tower and I can see the sky and I can look down. There are prisoners in cells….not many prisoners there.

Important day: I’m getting married in a little church. The bride is wearing white, with a long veil. She has light coloured hair. She wearing a ring of flowers on her hair. The house I stayed in has very humble wooden furniture with straw. 

I died due to old age. I had no fear about death. Some spirit guides helped me to cross over. After that I just saw lights. I had no regrets about that lifetime. It was an ordinary life.

Past life as a Red Indian Warrior

When I looked down, I saw moccasins. I was a Red Indian warrior. I was very tall – 6 foot 7…a magnificent specimen. I was in a red rock country, like in Arizona and Utah. I stayed in a Teepee. 

Next scene: I was inside the Teepee with my wife. She was tending to me. She was a beautiful lady - a squaw. She was cooking for me. There were kids running outside. I wasn’t sure how many of them were mine. 

Death scene: I was hit by a poison arrow in my left shoulder. I died from the poison.

In-between lives: The lessons I learnt were curbing pride, impulsiveness and arrogance because I was a very proud warrior. It was my pride and impulsiveness that cause that death, where I picked a fight with another tribe. 

Current life connection: Still dealing with pride, arrogance and impulsiveness. My left shoulder (that was hit by a poison arrow) is where I have a lot of pain currently in this life.

Past life in England

The year was 1842. I’m 18 years old. I’m in England. I’m a white woman. I had a beautiful dress on with apron and all the frills. I had dark hair, blue eyes, lacy shoes. It was very vivid. 

I’m at the countryside. It’s a beautiful countryside. There’s a beautiful river and a bridge. I lived in a big mansion, brown colour. I think I must have been a very rich girl. I seem to be roaming around. I’m on my own. I’m skipping. I don’t seem to have any friends, I’m alone. 

I was under a big tree with a man. The man, said “Miss, Miss”. I think he said, “Cathy”. He said, “Miss..miss…be careful…be careful”. But I was just ignoring and jumping and going around.
I can see him vividly. I recognize that man as my younger brother now (current life). 

Death: I was being pulled, and I was screaming. Someone was pulling me away. I was screaming and just calling for help. I died young. 

Past life in Paris

It was in the 1950’s in Paris. I’m a male about 40+ years. I’m in the army. I was a very dignified man, clean cut - in uniform. I had a moustache and ark brown hair. 

I was at a party, in high society. The ladies have short bob hair. They look very sleek in their dress with pearls. There was good food and good wine. I could see chandelier lights. When I looked out of the window, I was the whole city view of Paris including the Eiffel Tower. It was a good evening with a lot of entertainment.

Important day: There is some kind of ceremony, where I received my medals. 

Death scene: It was very chaotic. People were screaming. I think I died without knowing that I died. I just felt pain in the chest. Then I collapsed. I was about 40+ years old at that time. Anyhow, it was a good and comfortable life.