Group PLR Workshop Experiences 3

Experiences shared by participants from our group PLR workshop. 

A happy lifetime 
I was in a European country. The year was 1745. I was surprised when I looked down, I saw myself wearing a skirt. I was wearing picnic attire, with a skirt and white sandals. My name was Sarah McCartney. I was my twenties. I saw myself having a picnic in a park with a guy. The guy was sitting and I was standing and feeling cheerful. At my death stage, I was lying on the bed, dying. I died young. The same guy was with me when I died." - Mr Tan 

Hatred for condominium security guard 
"In the group workshop in Nov 2007, I had the understanding why I had intense hatred for a security guard in my condominium. It was a very intense feeling of hate, as though we were mortal enemies. He and I were in the same era, in the 1860’s. I was a foreigner. I had dark skin, like Mediterranean – olive skin colour. He’s from the Asiatic side, somewhat like a Moroccan. I was in a room, going about my work. A door opened behind me and I was stabbed from the back. I didn’t die immediately. I turned around, and glimpsed at his face. Although he was a different person back then, I recognized him as my current life condominium security guard. There was no motive for the stabbing." 

Update (Aug 2008): "My feeling of hatred for this person is less now. At least, now we are on head-nodding terms." - Mr A 

Lifetime in France 
"I did a one-to-one past life regression around 8 years ago and saw myself as a French priest in love with a woman. I was in a cathedral. Up in the cathedral there’s a huge balcony, so that people can hang out in the open. It was night. The moon was full. There was a woman dressed in the clothes of that era, like in the Victorian era. She came from one side of the balcony. Behind her was a huge bell structure. I came from the bell door. I came to her from behind. I’m dressed in brown priest clothes. I was mostly bald and had very little hair. There was a thin hair circle around the top of my head. Both of us were medium size. We were French and fair skinned. We were in love, but this was forbidden love. I was forbidden from falling in love as I was a priest. All I could do was to declare my love in secret to her. We were both crying as the relationship could get us nowhere.” 

"I didn’t think about it after that, but during your group workshop, it suddenly dawned on me that the difficulty in my current love life was related to this lifetime in France. “Now I understand why -- It's because I could not make myself to love anyone else. I had made a vow not to fall in love with anyone again." 

Update (Aug 2008): "After understanding this, my love life has improved and I’ve allowed myself to fall in love again. I’ve also become a more loving person. I recognized her as my current life German friend, whom I’ve known for many years. He and I have a strong and sometimes intense friendship. Now I understand why I had a very strong emotional connection with this friend.” - Mr A 

On a Victorian train 
“I was on a Victorian train. It had gold and maroon trimmings. I was a young English boy, with blue eyes and blond hair. I was very young. There was a woman beside me, a very strict English woman. She’s wearing a Victorian headgear. We were sitting in the train. We were in England. I could hear the sound of the train moving and also touch and feel the trimmings on the train. We were passing by the countryside. A conductor came in. He was very strict. He was very tall. He had a thin curly moustache. He came to check the tickets. I turned to look at him. I recognized him as my current life father. I recognized the woman as my current life mother." - Mr A 

Affinity with best friend 
"During the group regression, I saw so vividly the images of two different past lives that I had with my best friend. She was my mother in one lifetime and my wife in another lifetime. I was a happy little girl, laughing and riding a bicycle in the misty morning surrounded by beautiful tulips. What I really learned from this regression was that we will meet our loved ones again and again to learn the full spectrum of lessons in life including lessons about love, compassion, charity, patience, detachment and others." - Ms Phang 

Cause and effect 
“During the past life regressions, I saw my connection with several friends and people in my life. I saw that certain unskilful actions in the past have resulted in some challenges that I face in this life. After the regression, my new mindset is that no matter how people hurt me, I will never retaliate in the same manner. Whatever I have experienced in my past lives, I will treat it as a lesson for my present life.” – Ms Lim 

Japanese sumo wrestler 
"I saw my past life as a Japanese sumo wrestler in the ring. I could feel the weight of my body and it was difficult for me to move as my body was large and heavy. My ring manager was a demanding man, who kept asking asking me to get up and wrestle every time I fell down. I recognised the ring manager as my current life boss." - Ms K 

© Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht 
Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist