Group PLR Workshop Experiences 2

Experiences shared by participants from our group PLR workshop. 

Lifetimes related to present life interest in miniature war games, and planning and strategy games
"In my first regression, I regressed to what I believed was an immediate past life, during the world war. I was in a European country. I was wearing a red coloured uniform and a black headgear / hat shaped like a long bullet. I was standing pointing my finger to one direction. There were tanks in the background. It looked like a battlefield. This explains why when I was young, I always had a liking towards army, war games with miniature toys and strategy games.

"In my second regression, I went to the year 1023 AD. I was looking out of the balcony, towards a magnificent civilization / city. It was a Greece or Roman lifetime. In the front was a garden. I was in white attire, with slippers. Then I turned back and walked into my room. I came from a high class family and had servants. We were a wealthy and quite powerful family. I was an only child. I also saw my parents. I had a cousin and recognized him as my best friend in my current life. I walked around the city. It was a happening city. I was part of the planner for that city. I died of old age, with people surrounding me. I believe this explains why in my current life, I like planning, strategy and management. In secondary school, I liked to play planning games as well." - KJ Ng

An Amish Lifetime
"I was an Amish farmer, looking over my farm. It has a cottage with yellow flowers in the fields. There were children playing around. I was 70+ years old. I was wearing farmer’s boots. I was tall. I was standing peacefully. I felt contented." - Mokkhesi

A Japanese Lifetime
"I was a samurai warrior, walking emotionlessly but there was something in my heart like I have not completed my mission, which was related to my country, Japan. I had a son and wife at home. I recognised my wife as my current life former girlfriend. I seldom talked to my wife and son. My country was number one. My family came later. I wore straw footwear, which was brownish and yellowish in colour. Something happened when I was riding a horse. While riding the horse and going towards someplace, I was ambushed and shot at the chest by an arrow. I fell to the ground. I felt hot and cold after being shot at. I collapsed but I was still conscious. I died without any regret. On my deathbed, I was still aware and conscious. I saw my wife and son standing near me. I felt pity for them because I had left them suddenly. Their eyes were glistening with tears. I felt compassionate towards them. I died without any attachment. My only regret was that I didn’t take care of them and left them suddenly instead." - Mokkhesi

Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht
Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist