Experience as a newborn baby

During the recent group PLR workshop, in one of the regression exercises, a participant went to an earlier time in her current life as a newborn baby. Here’s her story: 

“I felt myself as a newborn baby, around 4 days old, being carried up in my mother’s arms, looking out curiously at the world around me. I heard people calling me by my nickname... I could feel my mother’s happiness and love…. I had never known that my mother was very happy at my birth.” 

“I had always thought that my mother didn’t love me. My parents and grandmother, being very traditional Chinese, had always said that they wanted a boy for a first child but I turned out to be a girl.” 

“When I was a young child I also felt neglected as my mother sent me away to be taken care of by my older cousin who’s a teacher in my primary school. This was because she had 5 other children to take care of, but I thought she didn’t love me, and instead sent me away. For 3 days a week, I would follow my cousin back to her house and stay overnight there. Then she would send me to school the next day. This continued for 3 years, from when I was 9 years old until I was 12 years old. I grew up feeling neglected, seeking attention and couldn’t assimilate well with the rest of my siblings who stayed with my parents.” 

“However, after seeing this earlier time in my life as a newborn baby and feeling my mother's happiness, I now know that my mother loved me. I understand now that everything happens for a reason…That this is my assignment for this life time - to understand what Love is about. Because of these series of incidents during my childhood, I realised that the love that I’m seeking doesn’t come from outside... it is in our heart, we are love and light.”