Extramarital relationship # 2

A lady in her thirties who’s in an extramarital relationship, wanted to see the connection to her boyfriend

I see a room with pictures of people on the wall. There are pictures of people in the army. They are mainly paintings. It looks like a study room. There’s a piano. There’s a bigger window outside. There’s a garden outside. It looks like a colonial kind of house. Like in the British old time movies. I’m a woman. I take a book from the study room.

It’s nice weather. It’s not very hot or cold. It’s green with forest at the side. I am sitting on the grass. I’m lying on the grass. I’m in my early twenties. I’m very happy. Just staring up in the sky. There are quite a lot of people nearby. It’s like a picnic. They’re quite far away. I have a book. I’m reading my book under the sun.

Next scene:
There’s a war. I see people fighting. There are some people in army clothes outside, marching. I’m looking down from a building. I feel a general fear. I see a lot of buildings around me. I can see the march pass.

I’m back in my house. I see someone setting the table for dinner. She’s wearing a uniform with fluffy things. It is grayish in colour. It is a huge table. The table seats 15 – 20 people. To get to the dining room, I have to pass a sliding door.

I’m having dinner. I’m sitting at the head of the table. There’s a lot of merriment. There’s a lot of conversation. Everybody looks at me when I talk. I don’t recognize the people. There’s a guy next to me. I can’t hear the conversation. It seems like a lot of people at the table. But there’s this person next to me. I don’t know who he is. He’s whispering something to me.

There are kids under the table. Somebody rolls a ball and kids are running under the ball. I get very agitated when that happens. The boy is elder. I scold the kids. The girl is younger. She’s sitting at the table when she finishes. The maid takes the children away. Now, it’s just the adults.

It’s night already. I’m going up. I go to my room. I’m rich. I’m definitely not in Asia. It’s cold. There are lots of blankets. There is a man with me. He’s my husband.  He’s not the same man who was sitting beside me earlier. The windows are open. The wind is blowing. I get up and close the windows. It’s very cosy under the sheets.

There’s a big glass door. I walk out of it, into the balcony. It’s very dark. The sky is full of stars. I cannot sleep. It’s kind a colorless night. I feel alone, although I have so many people around me. It’s like a kind of yearning. I have a shawl. White in colour. I pull it. There’s a moon, so there’s a bit of light. I’m really sad.

I am sleeping. My husband is smiling. He feels like my current life husband.

Next  scene:
I’m going to take a book from the study. The guy that I was talking with earlier at the dinner table, is there. We’re arguing. There are books lying all over the place. I asked him to go out and he does. I run after him. I have a relationship with him. I recognized him as my current life boyfriend.

I’m on the staircase on the house. My children are upstairs and they saw me. My husband is upstairs sleeping. Now I close the door as the man has left. I’m crying in bed. I don’t know what we argue about.

Many years later:
I’m still the same house. It’s slightly older already. I don’t work. I’m a lady of leisure. I’m a widow. I am at a big table, writing. I live in the country side with a big drive-in. It’s a big house. It’s a bit lonely. I have an archery corner in the house. It’s raining outside. I like the sound of rain on tar. The driveway is made of cobblestones.

There is a guest. It’s the same person. We’re shaking hands. He sits now. I give him tea. He’s the same person as the one at the dinner. He is my current life boyfriend. He’s just older. He’s single.

He’s older. I’m older. He touches my hand. There’s nobody else in the house. I’m widowed. My children have grown up. We spent a few years together. We have no children. I don’t think I married him.

Death transition:
I died before him. I died of old age. My body is in the coffin but I’m around the room, watching. I’m watching my funeral. It’s simple. The casket is open. I can see my face. There are many people lining up (to pay their respects). I have grandchildren. My kids are there. My last thought as I left that lifetime is that we will see each other again. I’m leaving the room now.