An Egyptian lifetime

A woman in her early thirties wanted to find out the link between her current life and her present life circumstances. She regressed to an Egyptian lifetime.

I am outdoors. It is night time. I am wearing sandals made out of gunny sack materials. I am wearing a loin cloth. I am a man in my late twenties. I am wearing a headgear on my head. I am holding a stick in my hand.

I am telling people what to do. They are slaves. I am in Egypt. My name is “Ra”.

I am in the dessert. There are lots of pyramids there. There are many people carrying stones and other stuff. I’m telling them what to do. I am their supervisor. I see palm trees. I can see the open sky. It is bright. The people use fires as their lights. They are working at night. I see lots of people. They wouldn’t look at me. I sense that they’re fearful of me.

Most of the pyramids are completed. They are now working on the inside. I am walking around the pyramids. I am quite tall, around 7 or 8 footer. I am muscular. My skin is lighter than the rest of the people here. They are more tan because of the sun. I am wearing a headgear made of white cloth that looks like a serpent. I have small greenish, clear eyes. My eyes are light coloured.

I’m walking a lot, seeing things, making sure that everything is in order. No one will look at me. I am probably someone senior to them. The slaves’ clothes are in tatters, whereas my clothes are in good linen shape. I smell good.

I’m walking. I’m going through the tunnels underground. I see a circle of pyramids. I am now in an open courtyard. There is a bonfire in the middle of the courtyard. I think that this is a temple. It is a sacred place. The time is between 2 am to 4 am. It is before dawn. I can see comets in the sky. I see planets and shooting stars. I see swirls in the sky. I’m looking at the sky. I think my work was finished because I’m now walking. I’m not working.

I’m touching the walls. There are drawings on it. I see carriages. There are pictures of someone being transported somewhere. It is telling a story. It’s a sacred place, a temple. There is a fire going on in the middle. Only certain people are allowed in here. The fire is small. It is fuelled by some clear liquid. You just have to touch it and it’s lighted.

Next scene:
I am now at a ceremony. I see a lot of different people. They are not Egyptian. They are of different nationalities. I am near the throne. There is someone else on the throne. He is an elderly person.

Someone is giving a speech. They are looking downwards at us. An Egyptian person is giving a sermon. People are talking back. There are presenting gifts to the man on the throne. I think he is the pharaoh. He is very fair, white skinned. He is elderly, fifty plus years old. He is quite big, but I’m bigger (in size). He’s just sitting on the throne. He has dark coal on the eyes. He is wearing a white robe. I have access to him every time I want. He listens to my opinions. He is someone I look up to. This person has got a good heart. There is not a bad bone about him. People respect him.

I am carrying a spear. I feel like I’m guarding the night. I am not a guard. I’m checking the parameters. There are a couple of women carrying things.

Next scene:
I am at war. I see an army. I am in front. I have no feeling. My thoughts are: “Ok. Let’s get this done. We’ll win this war”. I don’t feel like we’re going to fail. There’s no emotion. I feel like I have to just get the job done. I can feel fear from the rest of the people. I am calm because I don’t feel afraid. There is a sea of people. They look like they’re from a European side. They’re really fair. They are wearing black helmets. They look like Romans. They’re on horses. So are we. The side I’m on, the men are on foot. The other side are on horses. We’re going to go into war. I can hear murmuring. It is very windy.

I have the same clothes but with more on. I have a shield and a sword. They’re waiting for me to say something.

The other side are moving towards us.

The terrain is flat, dusty, with lots of sand. It is very hot. There are a lot of arrows. We’re charging towards them. I am not afraid. I feel very not afraid. I feel like I’m protecting my home / land. I feel very patriotic. I don’t have a family.

I see people being killed. No one’s attacking me. I’m just riding. I’m not affected. Everyone else is. I’m not even hurt. I’ve been protected. I’m just riding through everybody. I can kill people but they cannot kill me.

I can see the sunset now. Everyone has stopped fighting. My side won. I see more of my soldiers than theirs. I told them, “Enough. No need to continue”.

I’m just riding back to the place where we had the ceremony. I’m going to the pharaoh. Whoever wanted to attack us failed.  The old man seems very happy. I feel like I did my job. It’s is no big deal. It was my job to win the war in the first place. I can hear lots of cheers. I was detached from the beginning to the end.

I feel good only at the sacred place. My eyes are light brown but with a tinge of green. I have a light tan.

Next scene:
I’m now with my master or teacher. He’s teaching me how to fight using the sword. He’s quite tough. He’s strict. He thinks I’m quite good. In my current life, I get a lot of frequent dreams. I recognize him as the person who’s always coming in my dreams trying to get me to learn Arabic. He’s trying to let me accept the gift. I always say no. He always finds me.

I know something is going to happen. Right now it’s dark. I’m going to receive a message soon. I tell the pharaoh what I get. There’s light beaming on me. It’s talking to me. I am fed with information. Then I tell the pharaoh what I received. Sometime it’s about wars.

Current life connection: 
In my current life, I wanted to be a soldier. I am athletic, just like my past life personality. I was physically good in that life. I was tall and muscular. People don’t come near me because I’m senior to them. They feel afraid. In this life, I don’t have the feeling of getting to know a person, unless it’s about work. People like being around me but I prefer to be by myself in both this life and in the past life. To me it’s mostly part of the job.

The war brings me good memories. It makes me feel important. Like I’m needed. No one is able to function if I’m not there. I’m able to motivate them and win the war. I did have a good life there as I was on the privilege side. I was not a servant.

I read a lot in that lifetime. They have a library there. The books are like scrolls, made up of a single sheet of paper. If I’m not at war, I just sit by myself. I am finding out if there’s places beside Egypt. Is there another world out there. I’ve always wondered what’s in the next lifetime. I like to explore what’s next.

Death state:
I see myself lying down. I have lost the battle. I don’t feel any pain. I see the sky. Lots of stars. It is at night. I see lots of soldiers. Without me the pharaoh will not be able to defend the country. The work is not done. I didn’t win the battle. I’m not at peace. I feel like I’m going to come back. I’ll be back, I vowed. I will the next one. I could have won this one too.  I feel alone. I failed my people. I could have won but I didn’t. I am closing my eyes already.

Transition to the spirit realm
 I see a lot of clouds. I am moving very fast. I see all the swirls. I’m going through a channel. I’m moving very fast from one place to another. I see lots of stars.