Depression and negativity

I have been suffering from depression for many years and had sought many ways to heal my depression. There was no single solution there to help until my friend recommended me to attend Past Life Regression therapy. 

At first, I was a little sceptical about the effect from this therapy. However, I decided to give it a try since I found nothing better that could heal my condition. 

After attending the 1st session, I found myself slightly improving. My emotional feelings were more stable and I was able to start letting go of my negative emotions. Also, I could start appreciating the good things in my life, whereas before this PLR session, I felt that I was totally lost and drowning in negativity. I was also not comfortable with my surroundings and at work. 

I am still learning and focusing on what was been told by Dr. Selina, and now, I am feeling calmer than before. Before this, my mind seemed uncontrollable and automatically focused on the negative. Now, I am able to move on and improve on positive thinking in my daily life, and I am still practising everyday the advice taught by Dr. Selina. 

Once again, I need to thank Dr. Selina for patiently advising me on each of my doubts.”

Ms. A 
28 March 2010