Lifetime with leadership and interpersonal skills

A French expatriate wanted to access a lifetime where he had leadership qualities and wanted to integrate some leadership and interpersonal skills into his current life. He regressed back to a lifetime as a British man working aboard a boat heading towards India. 

"I see boats, big wooden boats. I’m one of the crew. The sailors are wearing uniform, blue in colour with boots and hat. The name of the boat is Caligula. I can see the sea. We are British. The boat is going to India. We are going to trade spices. I don’t see many people on the boat."

"I am tense and tired. The trip is hard. I have been a few months on the boat. My family is back home. I have a wife and one child named Peter. He is six years old."

"My name is Mark. The year is 1756. I am tall with blonde hair and a beard. I am 42 years old. I am the captain of the boat."

Next scene:
"My second child is born. I am in the room with my wife. She is a girl. We call her Emma. I feel happy. The doctor is here. The baby was born at home. I see my son. He is 8 years old.  The room is white. It is simple with just a bed. It is very bare. The floor is made out of wood. We live in England."

"I am at the church. There are lots of people inside and outside of the church. It is my son’s wedding. He is 21 years old."

Death state
"I am lying on the bed. I am old and sick. I’m dying of cholera. I am 72 years old. My family is here and my son, his wife and 2 children. My wife died earlier than me. I feel like I need to go. I am at peace. I just close my eyes. There is no more pain."

In the spirit realm
"I see angels and coloured lights. They’re flying. I’m floating standing up. I can communicate with these angels. They’re taking care of me. They help me to cleanse my body. They surround me. They create an energy field. They’re leaving now. I feel light."

Lessons learnt and qualities to integrate into this life
"I need to spend more time with my family. When I was in charge of the boat, I had leadership skills. There were many people under my command. I had a strong will. I did not think too much. I just do the things I need to do to get the job done. I succeeded in what I was doing. I was happy with that lifetime."