Lifetime as a gladiator in Rome

A few years ago, client had anxiety attacks due to issues at work and was on continuous medication for 2 years, after which he slowly eased off. He is afraid that the anxiety attacks may recur due to work and stress. He regressed to the year 405AD in Rome and found the connection. 


“I’m in Rome, in the arena. I am one of the gladiators. There are muscular guys around me. I am holding a knife. I have to walk into the arena. I have to fight with the lions and the other gladiators. There’s a lot of fear in me. I see a lot of a lot of blood. There are many spectators at the top. We are in the middle of the rink, at the bottom. Some people are pulling away some dead bodies.”

“I was forced to become a gladiator, I was treated like a slave, thrown into the ring and had to fight for my life. I’m a muscular person, tall, well above six feet, with plenty of muscles…. a very rough guy.”

“I feel like I’m viewing from inside the person’s body. (First person's point of view). I look down and I can see chains on my legs and hands. I’m 30+ years old. I’m holding a sword.”

“I’m standing inside the gate, before going into the arena. There is a lot of screaming and cheering from the spectators.”

“I have to fight with the other gladiators. This round I survived. They took me out to a cell where they keep all the prisoners. The condition is very bad. Only once a day, they served me with food, and I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. I’ll probably be killed.”

(I brought client to an earlier time in that life to see how he was put in that situation)

“I’m must walking on the street. There are many merchants on the left and right, a lot of people. Suddenly there is some army people coming from behind me… they just captured me and pulled me away. They put me into a prison together with the others. They are the gladiators which who will be fighting later”.

(I brought client to an even earlier time to find out about his life and work)

I am a sword maker, knocking steel into a sword. Due to my work, I had to use a big hammer to knock at the steel, that’s how I became muscular. The year is 405AD.”

“I lived in a hut. The roof is made of dried grass. The wall is made of clay. They are individual houses clumped together in a neighbourhood. I was staying there alone. I was not married. No much furniture, there’s only a bed and stove area.”

(I brought client back to the arena)

I’m sitting there tired, hungry and there’s some injuries, some blood on the body. I can hear the noises from the other cells. People are groaning and crying due to injuries.  Someone is in pain, it is a very nasty place to stay, damp and smelly. I can smell a lot of blood in the cells. I’m not seriously injured. There are bruises on my body. I’m wearing just a cloth covering the loin area. I have no shirt on.”

Next scene:
“This time I have to fight a much taller guy, a dark skinned guy. My height is already six feet plus. He is another head taller than me. I have to fight against him. Both of us have a sword. He’s another slave as well. This round I lost and he killed me. His sword went through my body. I lay down on the floor and can see a lot of blood.”

“I can see a lot of rich people, sitting on top there, to them it is just a game."

Connection to current life

"My anxiety starts when I face a win-lose situation. To me it is like a life and death situation. I’m afraid of losing. If I lose, I might lose everything, even my life. This is the fear that I have. Anxiety will occur when too many things are beyond my control are coming at the same time."

(Client subconsciously thinks that all conflict is a life and death situation and when he loses, he may lose his life. And that subconsciously triggered his anxiety symptoms. I did healing via hypnotherapy to help him release those trauma and blockages).